Video games are played for fun and entertainment. It helps to relax the mind and to stay away from stress, but what if you get to know that in UK video games like Fortnite is the reason of about 200 divorces. Shocking, isn’t it? But it is absolutely right, according to the divorce site of UK, around two hundred couples have filed for divorce this year because of a partner’s addiction to Fortnite and other video games.

Fortnite Causes Two hundred Divorces

The game Fortnite needs no introduction, the game is so addictive that even those who don’t play video games are well versed with it. By the end of July 2018, the game had about 125 million registered users. The number itself is shocking and says a lot about the game. But it seems that addiction to this game is not going well with the partners. Partners of the one who are addicted to it. In another shocking revelation, it is stated that this number is about 5% of total divorce petitions filed.

Relational unions come up short for heap reasons. There are likely different issues that go past a solitary computer game. Be that as it may, different issues like absence of correspondence, the absence of shared interests, and out and out the absence of consideration don’t get any less demanding to comprehend when you’re stuck to a screen shooting at a bundle of kid’s shows day and night. Exacerbating the situation, Fortnite (and different diversions like it) truly remunerate you for longer play, making it significantly harder to stop.


The game undoubtedly has brought gamers together but on the other hand. It is claimed to be the reason to drift couples apart. It has been mentioned that this globally acclaimed game and many other such video games are the sole reason. The situation is getting worse day by day, and couples are not filing for divorce because of this.

The real reasons are unknown but being highly addictive, playing this game exhausts a lot of time of the player. We are living in times where our work life consumes a lot of time. If we spend the rest of the time in playing video games it will surely add fuel to the fire. It seems that the same has happened here and that has led to two hundred divorces in a year.

Isn’t it shocking that how times have changed? Earlier it was an addiction to gambling and drinking which used to take a toll over the relationship. But now even video games like the Fortnite has come into the picture.