News of data breach is nothing new. Every other day we read or listen about such cases where data has been leaked or has been stolen. Undoubtedly the internet has given us a lot of things, but along with the uses and advantages, there are lots of disadvantages as well that comes in our way. Such news force us to keep changing our passwords and restrict us from sharing our personal data with anyone via the internet.

Data Breach That May Affect You

As per the latest reports, in 2018 most of the login attempts have been made by hackers and not original account holders. This is the reason it is really important for you to know about data breach happening around you.


After a lot of brainstorming we have listed five data breach of 2018 which you might not have heard of:

Delta Airlines:

One of the biggest data breaches that came in limelight recently is Delta airlines data breach. Delta Airlines announced that data of its customers have been leaked. As far as information is concerned, it is credit card details that have been leaked, however, any other personal details of the customer is said to safe.

Best Buy:

Along with Delta airlines, best buy also announced that they have also been affected by data breach. Both these companies are said to be affected by September 2017 data breach.

Flightradar 24:

Popular airline tracker, flight radar 24 has also been affected by data leaking. In June 2018 it requested its customers to reset their passwords as they fear that some data have been stolen. It is said to have affected customers who registered before 2016.

Dixon’s Carphone:

One of the biggest electronics retailers of UK were also not spared by a data breach. They were investigated by watchdogs of the data protection department, as they suspected the huge cyber scam which affected the data as well as personal details of many customers.

Under Armour:

Fitness company Under Armour also got some effects as they suspected that someone has tried to manipulate with their accounts. It is believed that data related to exercise and diets have been stolen, and no major information has been hacked.

To stay safe from such data breach cases, it recommends changing your passwords at regular intervals. This password changing can help in securing your cloud system from anonymous hackers. Also, It will help to stay secure from the data breach.