Dark Mode on Google Chrome

Dark Mode is slowly making its way everywhere around the operating systems. Recently the MacOS Mojave introduced the long-awaited dark mode to the Mac users. Similarly, Microsoft has also pushed dark mode for File Explorer with the recent Windows 10 October 2018 update. Though the implementation of the dark mode in MacOS Mojave is far better than that of the Windows 10.

Now if you are unaware, dark mode is nothing other than a dark user interface mostly consisting of grey and black colors. It is usually more pleasing and less damaging for the eyes as your eyes have to deal with less bright whitish colors.

Starting 2018, dark mode is also making its way into the apps. Many developers have already added support for the dark mode in their apps. Apps like Twitter, Discord, and Firefox have already got dark mode. Moreover, WhatsApp and Chrome are also testing dark mode and will push the feature with future updates.

How to get dark mode on Google Chrome?

Dark Mode on Google Chrome

There is a very easy process using which you can get dark mode on Google Chrome right now. Now it seems like the dark mode on Google Chrome is already present in their canary builds. However, by default it is hidden and to enable that you’ll need to follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. To access this new feature you’ll first need to download Chrome Canary and to do that you can just click here.
  2. Once installed, right click on the desktop shortcut of Chrome Canary and go to properties.
  3. In the target field, after chrome.exe add a space and then paste or type the following,
  4. Click Apply to save changes and run Chrome.

Finally, it is done and you can now enjoy dark mode on Google Chrome. Though it is an early build some design changes may come with future updates but it also suggests that very soon the feature will make its way into the regular builds of Chrome as well.

We have also reviewed Night Eye extension in the past which brings dark mode to almost every website. You can read about it from here, Night Eye Extension: Bring Dark Mode to Almost Every Website.