Set jio tune without the jiosaavn app

Reliance Jio entered the Indian telecom market in September 2016 and since then it has made a great impact in the telecom industry. Starting with very low priced plans to a complete VoLTE network, Jio has proved to be a boon for the consumers. However, there are some other benefits of Jio as well.

Along with the unlimited voice calls and data benefits reliance, Jio also offers access to the Jio Apps. There a number of Jio Apps like JioMusic (Rebranded to JioSaavn), JioNews, JioNet, JioCinema, JioTV etc.

The JioSaavn app offers users unlimited streaming of music. Furthermore, using the app one can also set caller tunes (known as Jio tune) of their choice which is free as long as you have a valid plan.

Now, this thing is not new and many of you already know about this. However, there is another very simple way to set Jio tune without the JioSaavn app. Follow the steps below to know how to set Jio tune without the JioSaavn app or JioMusic app.

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How to Set Jio Tune Without the JioSaavn App or JioMusic App?

To set a Jio tune without even turning on your mobile data or without using JioSaavn app you need to follow these simple steps.

Set jio tune without the jiosavaan app

  1. Open your SMS app.
  2. Create a new SMS and put 56789 as the recipient.
  3. Now in the body part write down the name of the song you want to set as Jio tune and tap on the send button.
  4. Soon you’ll get a reply with a list of songs with the name you searched for. Now reply with the option number of the song you want to set as your caller tune.
    For example, if the song you want to set as Jio tune is in 3rd position in the list then just reply 3.
  5. Now once the next SMS comes reply with 1 to set the caller tune for all callers.
  6. Now, you’ll receive another SMS from a different number. Just reply with Y to confirm and finally, you’re done.


In case if you find it difficult to search for a specific song, you can use the album name or movie name as well to search. In the second point instead of writing the name of the song just write Movie <The Name of the movie> and send it to 56789. For an album, type Album <Name of the Album> and do the exact same thing. After that follow the other steps (Step 3 to step 6).

For example to search for the songs from Cheat India Movie or Absolution album just send this to 56789.

Movie Cheat India
Album Absolution

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How is this Process Useful?

You might be thinking why would you go through another process rather than using the JioSaavn app. There are a few reasons actually,

  1. The JioSaavn app is unstable and many users are currently having problems setting Jio tunes including me.
  2. In case of very slow internet speeds, the JioSaavn app might not work or you might not be able to listen to the songs before setting them as your Jio Tunes.

In case of the above-mentioned conditions, the process might be helpful and you will probably still be able to set a caller tune.

We have tried our best to explain this process using examples and screenshots. However, if you have any questions or if you face any issues comment below and we’ll help you.

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