In this day and age technology is progressing in leaps and bounds. From robots with artificial intelligence to self-driving cars, this world has birthed it all. However, the most helpful invention by far was that of the internet, which is why companies are still investing in improving its speed. After the incredible success of 4G internet, released in 2010, Verizon is now all set to release 5G. It is said to release in the first half of 2019.

Samsung-Verizon 5G smartphone

What is 5G?

5G internet, as the name implies, is said to be much faster and better than its predecessor. The mobile data speeds itself will be higher than home broadband speeds. To give a better idea, it will have speeds of up to 100 gigabits/sec. (1000 times faster than 4G). This is possible because of 5G’s very low latency. Latency is the time gap between when the information is sent from a device to when it is caught by the receiver.  This means 5G can easily upgrade home Wi-Fi. Kiss your buffering problems goodbye! With 5G you can upload/download 4K files with ease and smoothly stream online content.

Additionally, 5G will deal better with bandwidth issues. Recently, since there are so many internet connections, that the already lacking infrastructure is overburdened. This causes sudden breaks in our internet connections and random slow speeds. 5G will not only successfully solve these existing problems it will also handle future technologies like driverless cars and high-tech home products, without difficulties.

5G smartphones to rule the world

First 5G smartphone already in the market!

Motorola’s Moto Z3, which released last August, is Verizon’s first official 5G device. It was sold as a 4G smartphone with a Moto Mod attachment, that would eventually give it its 5G feature. This has been officially confirmed by Verizon’s CEO Hans Vestberg.

Companies all over the world have been fighting tooth and nail for being the first to release 5G. Verizon releasing the Motorola phone early gives it exclusive rights to the same. Next will be released a Samsung smartphone powered by Qualcomm’s “flagship Snapdragon mobile platform”. This was hinted at the Snapdragon Tech Summit in December ’18. Being able to access greater speed and superior network is very necessary in the world of smartphones. It is a significant deciding factor when purchasing smartphones. Being the first to dabble in 5G gives Verizon an incredible boost in the market.

Release Date!

Samsung is the next to join hands with Verizon to be the first to release 5G smartphones. The release date has not been confirmed yet, although one can make an educated guess. Samsung is expected to launch a 5G variant of Galaxy 10. This normally happens in late February, coinciding with the Mobile World Congress trade show. Vestberg has indicated that Motorola’s 5G Moto Mod will launch before then.

Since October last year Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento, California have been fortunate enough to experience 5G, although only as home Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, it was criticised that it did not count as it used non-industry standard technology. AT&T had also released a 5G mobile service but customers in only select cities were able to access it through Wi-Fi hotspots. However, with the successful launch of Motorola and Samsung smartphones, Verizon is sure to bring to the world, the bliss of 5G.