remap the bixby key

Finally, almost 2 years after the introduction of Bixby Samsung is now allowing the S9, S9+, S8, S8+ and Note users to remap the Bixby key. It is no doubt that Samsung’s Bixby is still half baked. Thus, many people including me don’t like the Bixby assistant.

The Galaxy S8 and newer flagships from Samsung come with a dedicated button for Bixby. Using the Bixby button one can directly use Samsung’s personal assistant even when the screen is locked. However, the negative side of this is it gets activated even when you don’t want it. Moreover, one extra button sitting idle (because nobody really uses Bixby) is not really cool.

Thanks to the new Bixby update, you can now finally remap the Bixby key to use any app of your choice. Suppose you are a music lover like me then you can choose to open Spotify using the Bixby key. Opening the camera on a single key press also seems a good option.

So how to remap the Bixby Key? Here’s how.

How to Remap the Bixby Key?

Update Bixby

Now to remap the Bixby key, you have to update the Bixby app in the first place. However, updating the Bixby app isn’t that simple. You can’t just go into Google Play Store and update Bixby.

To, update Bixby you’ll have to launch Bixby first. Double click or single click on the Bixby button (depending on your settings) to start Bixby.

Now tap on the three vertical dots in the right-hand side and from there go to settings. Scroll down the whole way and at the end, you’ll find ‘About Bixby Voice’. Tap on it. It will be automatically looking for updates. Now once the update appears just download and install it.

Remap the Bixby Key

To finally remap the Bixby key, you’ll have to again open Bixby, tap on the three dots and go to settings. From there, go to Bixby key.

Now, choose single press or double press to open Bixby. If you choose Double Press to open Bixby then use the ‘Use Single Press‘ option to launch any of your apps.

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