Home Electronics

With the new year has arrived new hopes, new dreams, new resolutions and obviously new technology. After the incredible success of Alexa, as a virtual assistant, companies have been inspired to come up with more home electronics, to make life better. Listed here are five drool-worthy home electronic products which would definitely make you reach for your wallet.


Who doesn’t like watching TV?! From a school child to a senior citizen, we all like to come home after a long day and unwind in front of a flat screen playing our favourite show. So what is better than a TV? A smart TV with 8K! LG has recently introduced a new series of its televisions led by the 88-inch 8K OLED named the Z9. After the majestic Z9, comes the 75-inch SM99 LCD, also with 8K resolution. The best thing is all these sets have Alexa integrated inside them. These TVs will give the viewer 4 times the resolution of the 4K TVs now available and 8 times that of normal full HD set. Additionally, since there is not much 8K content to watch, these TVs can upgrade normal content to 8K!

LG TV with Alexa

Breaze easy

In this world where pollution levels are increasing exponentially day by day, Breaze is the messiah we all need. With a smart fan and the ability to filter 2.5 pm, Breaze is a futuristic anti-pollution mask which filters the air you breathe giving you fresh, pollution free, oxygenated air. Additionally, this mask has a soft silicone part which sits comfortably on the face and is transparent, thus allowing your face to be visible. Finally, this mask can be recharged just like your phone with a built-in USB recharging facility.


Temi robot

What is better than a virtual assistant that can do a lot? An assistant that follows you around and can do it all! The Temi robot, a very efficient home electronic, recognises and follows you around. It is simple enough to be used by a child or its grandparents. Because of its navigation ability, you won’t have to buy speakers for every room. Its voice recognition feature helps in hands-free operation and its artificial intelligence base helps in carrying out simple tasks like video-calling, taking pictures/videos, reporting the weather, playing music and much more. Additionally, the Temi is also quite affordable at $1,499 (Rs. 105507 approx.)

Temi robot

June for your kitchens!

June is a spacious, countertop smart oven which is Wi-Fi enabled and app connected. Do you not like to cook? Or maybe you can’t? No worries, June is perfect for you! A boon to lazy cookers or even non-cookers, this futuristic oven has seven appliances in one- like a convection oven, air fryer, slow cooker, dehydrator, broiler, toaster and warming drawer. It has a 5-inch touchscreen and is operated with an app. You can download this app on your phone or tablet. This sensor-driven oven has a core temperature thermometer and an HD fisheye lens which recognises different kinds of food and sends pictures to the connected phone/tablet about the progress of cooking!


Drop to measure!

Drop is a smart scale which could prove to be a necessary addition to the range of home electronics for bakers. Priced at $99 (Rs. 6968 approx.), this scale is connected to an app on your phone or tablet, which also provides many easy-to-follow baking recipes. Just put the ingredients on the heat-resistant surface and watch the measurement directly on your phone or tab. Moreover, if you are lacking a certain ingredient, Drop will show you which substitute you can use and how much. Have too less of an ingredient? No worries! Drop will rescale the entire recipe to give you delicious, pride-worthy results every time.