After being the hype for a while, the season 5 of the very popular game PUBG (0.10.0), has finally been released and will be accessible to Android and iOs users worldwide. It will be rolling out in waves so as not to overload the server. PUBG season 5 has been anticipated for a long time and truly so. This new version has made a lot of upgrades to the game as is evidenced by the new weapons and changes in the map. Also is included the Royal Pass season 5 with new Ranked Mode.

This 190MB update has made a horde of improvements to the game. Improved loot distribution and new weapons are only to name a few. However, it still does not have the zombies, which was anticipated. It is expected that the next update 0.11.0 will finally introduce the zombies.


The newest weapon in the game is the assault rifle MK-47 which can be found on all the maps like Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok. It has 2 firing modes- single and double burst. Additionally, players will also have access to the Laser Sight.

Vikendi is now available to create your own rooms along with a revised and better loot and resource refresh.

Did you like the “Classic voice”? If you did you’re in luck, because its back!

The most important upgrade this time around is the Royal Pass. This will introduce new outfits and new emotes. Accompanying this is the Ranked Mode Season 5.

In case of minor upgrades, the shop and the Crew Challenge Winner’s avatar have been adjusted and Supplies can be accessed from the main menu.

PUBG season 5 updated costumes

Also, in other news, PUBG Mobile has collaborated with Resident Evil 2 game, birthing the PUBG Mobile Resident Evil 2 Duos event. A first of its kind, Tencent has hinted the collaboration with Resident Evil 2 creator Capcom to spawn a new game mode which could also be the Zombies mode. This will be clarified further if you play the Resident Evil game. PUBG Mobile officially twitted that they are celebrating the highly anticipated release of Resident Evil 2 on January 25 now with the Duos event.