During initial days, when working on systems just started, websites were constructed keeping HTML as a base. But now as times have changed and technology has grown many new and better systems have been introduced. Lately many of you are opting for modern websites with the help of CMS like WordPress. Working and to convert HTML to word press theme through WordPress is not a difficult task. All you need to do is to install the CMS, select theme and create a website.

However, there is a number of websites which are still not upgraded from HTML to word press theme. The reason could be any but primarily it is because of lack of knowledge of the conversion process. Some people fear that their data might get lost and they don’t want any complexity on their website. But you can easily convert your website without losing your content or simplicity.

Convert HTML to word press theme

For all those who don’t know the process of converting a website to convert HTML to word press theme manually, here are simple steps to follow:

  • Create folder: First of all, create a folder giving it a proper name, and keep it at any location in your system. Once you have done that you need to open code editor, create files like style.css, index.php, header.php, sidebar.php, and footer.ph. Keep all these files in the created folder.
  • Copy old CSS: If you want to keep your old style intact, just copy old CSS and paste the same into new CSS created.
  • Cut and paste HTML: Now in order to convert HTML to word press theme,just paste everything that you have in your index.html to header.php. Now pick”sidebar” tag from your HTML file and paste everything into sidebar.php. Now after you have done that, copy sidebar from HTML file and copy in just created the footer.php file. Lastly, whatever is remaining in your index.html file, just copy the same and paste it in the index. Php file. Like other files do not close this one after saving.

  • Now its time to call all the sections from the newly created theme. You can also use ready-made WordPress themes.
  • Now all you need to do is upload your WordPress theme, in an already installed WordPress directory.

See, how simple it was to convert an HTML to WordPress theme.