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Battle Royale games are in trends since last year. However, if reports are to be believed the games can generate more than $20 million in 2019. That’s quite a lot of cash, right? Yes, and the developers are doing everything possible to increase that figure. Player Unknown’s Battleground or more commonly PUBG has got a lot going in this particular gaming segment. They are pretty much ruling the mobile segments with their battle royale named PUBG Mobile.

The Problems

PUBG PC Update 21

The game has got a lot of hype here in India and if you are reading this article then you probably know that already. Teenagers and youths are addicted to the game thanks to its never-ending battle royale survival modes, multiplayer gameplay and better graphics than most other games. However, the game recently got a bit of negative feedback thanks to people causing damage to their own lives regarding the game.

Recently, I read about someone in the news who drank acid instead of water while playing PUBG Mobile. Well, apparently the dude got so immersed into that he didn’t even look into what’s he drinking. Then there was another guy who did suicide because his parents didn’t buy him a particular flagship phone for playing PUBG Mobile. I mean like seriously? is that even a reason to consider suicide?

It’s not about the game, it’s actually about those who play. I don’t get why or how they get so addicted that they start causing damage to themselves and their families even without knowing.

About The Ban

So, to fight with this type of issues the Gujrat state Government has decided to impose a ban on the PUBG Mobile in the cities of Surat and Rajkot. The ban will be applicable until April 30th as of now.

As per the ban, any person found playing the game in public spaces can be penalized. The circular states that any person playing PUBG Mobile or Momo challenge will be penalized under section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Act and section 37 (3) of Gujrat Police Act.  Both of which can help the administration to prevent a gathering of more than four people in the two mentioned cities.

As per the officials, the game is causing a lot of trouble lately. Moreover, the game has hampered studies of students and impacted their marks. According to them, most of the school kids have their annual examinations in progress and the ban will help them focus on studies.

Words from the Publishers

PUNG Mobile

Till now there have been no words by the publishers of the game. Though they had released a statement they are going to improve the experience of the game. They also stated that the will be adding a few new features which will help the players to act responsibly.

So what should you think about the ban? Will the ban help in any way? Because people will find one way or another. They might be still playing the game secretly at their homes. Do you think just banning the game in two particular cities for a limited time will make any change? Or will it just worsen the situation? Let us know in the comments.

PUBG Mobile Season 6

Ah btw, if you think I’m against PUBGM or something you’re wrong. I too play PUBG Mobile (but in a responsible manner!). So, the Royale Pass Season 5 is about to end and the new Royal Pass 6 will start from 19th or 20th March. The new Royale Pass Season will include some new amazing dresses, gun skins, and a few cool car skins as well. So if you play PUBG Mobile and thinking of quitting it, it’s high time. Haha, or else you’ll be hooked for another season at least.

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