The Best of Gamescom 2018: The Best Announcements from Gamescom

With the increased inclination of people these days towards mobile and technology, man has been able to conquer in every venture today. Mobile phones have become one of the major and most used devices, be it in the living room or any workspace.

As day by day, mobile has managed to become an essential part of our lifestyle, there are many peculiar and user-friendly food making games which are available in Android as well as Apple OS.

The love for video games has always been in fashion among all the age groups. Why exhaust yourselves in the kitchen, when you can have all the fun and adventure in the virtual kitchen.

We bring you the best food games available for Android and Apple OS

1. Hungry Hearts Diner: A Tale of Star-Crossed Souls (Android and IOS)

This popular game is available on both, Android as well as IOS. This game of hungry Hearts, unlike the other phone games, is not here to test your skills or capabilities, but only to relax you, so that you can sit back playing this game leisurely in your free time.

Most of the food games are time bound and the player is required to serve the dishes in the time condition, but this game is nothing like that.

Hungry Hearts Dinner is a game which follows the dinner table of the old grandma, who is now running the restaurant which her husband used to. Now, he is ill and is not able to operate the restaurant himself. The setting of the dinner place is the old period of Japan.

Another interesting feature of this game is that each customer who comes to this place comes with a unique personality.


2. Sara’s Cooking Party (Android and IOS)

This game is somewhat similar to the Cooking Mama series of cooking games. One does not know who is Sara but all one knows about her is that she loves cooking and throwing parties.

The game’s quality for graphics and sounds makes it different and unique from all the other cooking games. After a survey from its regular gamers, it was discovered that the sound which plays in the background of this game is highly satisfying.

Whereas on one hand the game, Hungry Hearts Diner is happy to let you finish playing, but on the other hand, Sara’s Cooking Party is there to hook you in.

3. Masala Express (Android and IOS)

This game begins with the tale of a young woman named, Priya who grew up with a passion for cooking. She runs an Indo-Chinese restaurant names Masala Express. Masala Express is a kind of game which requires quick reflexes and attention of the player to the detail, so you don’t end up cooking fish curry when your customer ordered paneer tikka.