Chromium-Based Microsoft Edge

Last December, Microsoft announced they will be moving the Microsoft Edge from HTML based rendering engine to chromium based rendering engine. Leaks of preview build even started to appear over the internet. However, a week back, Microsoft has officially released the preview builds for people to test.

Edge on Chromium: Anything Better?

Obviously many people are excited about the chromium-based Edge, as it would probably be faster and less resource hungry. The current HTML based Microsoft Edge is a lot lighter than Google Chrome. However, it doesn’t match the speed and performance that Chrome delivers. On the other hand, Chrome is very stable and fast but it is very resource hungry.

People like us who work over the internet for hours obviously want a better browser. Something which will have both the performance of Chrome and lightness of Edge. And Microsoft paid attention to that.

They are finally moving the chrome from to the Chromium engine. In case you don’t know, Chromium is an open-source rendering engine which powers many browsers. Even Google’s Chrome has Chromium rendering engine. Chromium is famous for its performance over the other rendering engines. So, we are hopeful that the new Edge will perform better than the older one.

How to Download the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge?

Now as you are reading this article I guess you are interested in Microsoft’s new Edge browser. Downloading and installing the Edge is very easy. However, keep in mind that the Chromium-based version is still in Beta. We recommend not to do any important work using the browser as of now.

  1. Head over to Microsoft’s download site.
  2. Choose the channel you would like to be on. Dev Channel will be updated every week and it will probably be more stable. But if you want the latest features (and more bugs) then go for the Canary channel.
  3. Now once you hit the download button, the installer will start downloading. Once downloaded, just run the installer and it will automatically install the new chromium-based edge on your pc.

Once installed choose your preferred layout and you are ready to go.

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