Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

Microsoft has released yet another new build for the insiders in the fast ring. The Windows 10 Insider Preview build 18894 comes some changes. The change comes to the 20H1 development branch. The 20H1 will roll out for the public around this time, next year. Though the 19H2 builds are not yet here. 19H2 builds are expected to come sometime later this year.

The build contains not a lot of new things. This build comes with improvements of File Explorer. The search feature in the File Explorer has received a small tweak which can be pretty effective. Now the File Explorer will show recommendations when you search for something. This can be effective if you get the recommendations correct. Suppose you want to search a file and you get it even before you perform the search through suggestions. Well, that would be pretty handy. Below is the full changelog.

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18894

File Explorer improvements

We’ve heard your feedback asking for increased consistency, and to make it easier to find your files. Over the next few days, we’ll be starting to roll out a new File Explorer search experience – now powered by Windows Search. This change will help integrate your OneDrive content online with the traditional indexed results. This rollout will start with a small percentage, and then we’ll increase the rollout to more Insiders as we validate the quality of the experience.


What does that mean for you? Once you have the new experience, as you type in File Explorer’s search box, you’ll now see a dropdown populated with suggested files at your fingertips that you can pick from.


These improved results can be launched directly by clicking the entry in the new suggestions box, or if you want to open the file location, just right-click the entry and there’ll be an option to do so. If you need to use commands or dig deeper into non-indexed locations, you can still press enter and populate the view with the traditional search results.

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18894

More on File Explorer Improvements

We’ve also updated the design, so now as soon as you click the search box in File Explorer (or press CTRL+E to set focus to it), you’ll see the dropdown list with your search history.


If you encounter any issues or have any feedback, file them under “Files, Folders, and Online Storage” > “File Explorer” in the Feedback Hub.


NOTES: You may notice in the screenshot, we’ve made the File Explorer search box wider so the suggestions dropdown has a bit more room to show results – that’s not a new option, but we figured you might want to know how to do it: just move your mouse to the starting border of the search box, and your mouse should turn into a resizing double-arrow cursor. Just click down and drag the search box to be a bit wider.

There are also improvements in Accessibility coming along with the build 18894. The magnifier text cursor, the narrator table reading, and narrator web page summary are now better.

Accessibility improvements

Narrator table reading improvements: Narrator is now more efficient when reading tables. Only the deltas are read when navigating. Entering and exiting tables is also less verbose.


Narrator web page summary: There’s a new command in the Narrator to give a webpage summary! (Narrator + S). Currently, this command will give information about hyperlinks, landmarks, and headings.


Magnifier text cursor setting: Windows Magnifier has a new ability to keep the text cursor in the center of the screen making it easier and smoother to type. Centered on the screen is on by default and can be changed in the Magnifier settings.

So, these were the changes and improvements coming with the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18894. In the meantime, you can check everything new that is coming with Windows 10 May 2019 Update.