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It has been just few days that Tencent just started rolling out 0.12.5 update and Season 7 for PUBG Mobile. And just after that Tencent has started rolling out new 0.13.0  update in beta. You can see many new and exciting changes and features along with some fixes in the new beta. It is quite possible that Tencent might not push these for the stable version of the game. Just like Resident Evil 2, Tencent has announced a partnership with the upcoming movie Godzilla 2.  Which means you will be getting some new events, skins and some other things.

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PUBG Mobile recently got the new update 0.12.5 which brought the Season 7 of the Battle Royale game onboard. And now PUBG is working to bring the next update for the fans. Not just that the new update 0.13.0 is already being rolled out to the beta users of the game. A popular YouTube Channel Mr Ghost Gaming have given a hint about what can you expect in the next update along with a preview of the same.

Like any other beta version, there might be some extra features which might not make in the stable version of the game. Still we will be talking about some of the new features that you will get to see in the latest beta version.

PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile: The new Godzilla Event:

As we all know PUBG has partnered up with Resident Evil 2 to bring the Zombie Mode. Now, Tencent has announced a partnership with the upcoming movie Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters. As a result of this partnership, the players will get to see a new event in the game which will come with a new loading screen, new avatars and avatar frames.

You will also see a new event mode called Team Deathmatch, which will allow two teams to play against each other with unlimited respawns. The winner in this match would be the team with the maximum number of kills in a 9-10 minutes match. Speaking of the ester eggs, There is also a Godzilla Easter egg where you can see Godzilla lurking in the water when you spawn in Erangel, and you can also spot giant footprints on the map.

The New Kar98k Lab Skin:

You will now see a new addition of your favorite gun which is Kar98K which is the Terror Fang Kar98K.  This new gun will come with up to seven research that you can achieve by gathering paint and materials from crates and rewards. Notably, this will be the 5th gun after the two M416, M16A4 and the UZI, that will be customisable in the lab.

Vikendi Map and Bizon Gun:

The Vikendi Map will be available for full download since the map will soon be in the stable version. The exciting thing about this map is that it will give  you access to level 3 loot as well as rare guns like AWM and AUG A3. The new update brings a new MVP emote and two new male quick voice sets.

With the new guns adding to the game, this time PUBG Mobile will be bringing the Bizon gun. It is noteworthy that this gun is already available in PUBG PC. As per the sources the gun will be limited to Erangel and Vikendi maps only.

PUBG Mobile Update 0.12.0: Here’s Everything You Need to Know