iOS 13: Here’s Everything New with the Upcoming iOS Version

iOS 13

Apple announced iOS 13 on Monday at WWDC 2019. The new version of iOS will bring loads of new features and improvements. Some of the most anticipated features like a system-wide dark mode and swipe keyboard is coming this fall. Other than that there will be many smaller changes like new camera modes and filters, memoji stickers and more.

Though Apple showcased most of the features, more things might come in the future. Apple also saves some of the fan favorite features for the iPhone launch event which generally takes place in September. So, new features might still arrive before the official release.

The most important news regarding iOS 13 is that there’s a whole new OS just for iPads. Apple has split the iOS into two parts. One of the parts is for your iPhones, which is iOS. Whereas the other one for your iPads is iPadOS. The iPadOS is based on iOS and has a few more tablet-specific features and improvements. However, the iPadOS is pretty similar to iOS, at least for now.

Now, the best part is if you are a developer, you can get your hands on to the iOS 13 right now. As the developer beta for iOS 13 has started to roll out yesterday. The public beta will start rolling out next month. As always, the official release will take place during September. Below is everything that is new with Apple’s iOS 13.

System-wide Dark Mode

iOS 13 Dark mode

Dark mode has become a standard norm for people over the last two years. All major operating systems such as Windows 10, upcoming Android Q and even Apple’s MacOS Mojave has the dark mode. Starting from iOS 13 people will now be able to experience darkness on their iPhones.

The dark mode will replace the light and bright background of the iOS with a dark background. The dark colors in the background will help to save more battery on the iPhone XS, XS Max and X devices. Dark mode will be available in the whole system of iOS 13 including apps like iMessage, Calendar, Notes, Apple Music and Photos.

Swipe Keyboard

iOS 13 Swipe keyboard

Swiping over the keyboard to type has been a thing on Android and Windows Phone for years. Samsung’s default keyboard and other third-party apps like SwiftKey provides the feature on Android. However, the default iOS keyboard kept being old school. However, things are going to change as users will finally be able to type by just swiping over the keyboard.

Apple calls the feature as Quick Path. This feature makes it easier to type using one hand and it is also faster. Moreover, the suggestions will still be there so it’s going to improve the overall experience. Also, if the dark mode is turned on, the keyboard will get the darker look by default. Now, that’s pretty cool.

Find my Phone and Find My Friends: Merged into a Single App

Find My App iOS 13

Apple has decided to merge the Find My Phone and Find My Friends apps in a single app. The new app will be available as Find My in iOS 13. The app will continue to work as normal to find your friends. You will be able to see where your friends are if they allow you permission. This is very useful when you decide to meet with someone at an unknown location or new coffee shop out of the town.

Other than finding your friends, what is most interesting is that you will be now able to track your devices even when they are offline. Earlier to find your lost iPhones both the location settings and internet connection had to be turned on. However, thanks to the new Find My app you can now track your lost iPhones even when they are offline. This works with a Bluetooth beacon. It will take help of nearby Apple devices like iPhones and iPads to securely transmit location information of the lost iPhone. Moreover, it is encrypted as well as anonymous. As per Apple, it won’t let the thieves reboot your device unless you allow doing so. Now that I believe is pretty awesome!

Quicker WiFi Selection

Wifi Selection

I absolutely hate it when I have to open settings app every time to change a WiFi network or stop WiFi completely. It is just annoying to open settings app every time for managing WiFi networks every now and then. However, things are going to change with the upcoming operating system as Apple is will finally add a menu to handle WiFi settings without opening settings app, much like Android had for years. Now, one will be able to view and connect to available networks from the control center itself. This will probably fix one of the most annoying things iOS ever had.

Edit Videos through the Photos App

Photos App

Other than all these amazing upgrades, the photos app has received some overhaul as well. Firstly, you can now organize your photos in a better way and then the edit tools in photos app have a whole new look. Not only that, now in iOS 13, you will be able to edit videos through the photos app.

Earlier it was not possible to edit any videos from the photos app itself. However, now all of the tools for editing photos will also be able to edit videos as well. That means you will be able to add filters, increase or decrease brightness and a lot more. Well, you don’t need any other apps for just simple video editing works. The in-built app will just work fine.

Custom Fonts inside Apps

Custom Fonts iOS 13

Apple is finally letting people add custom fonts inside iOS apps. Till now, we only had the default fonts all over the iOS environment and apps. However, it looks like Apple is finally letting people customize the fonts as they want. Though the main iOS will still be the same without any options for changing the font still I believe this is a good addition. The custom fonts can be downloaded from the App Store and then you have to install it. It’s that easy. Although it might still not be as customizable as Android still it’s not a bad thing to have.

New Volume Indicator

Volume indicator

I just hate it when I have to increase or decrease the volume in between movie or tv show in iOS 12. The volume indicator on iOS 12 which has been here for some time just pops up in the middle of the screen occupying a large chunk of the area. Then it stays there for quite sometime before it disappears. This is pretty annoying when you are watching something and suddenly the whole screen gets covered.

Well now, on iOS 13, Apple has finally decided to change the design of the volume indicator. Firstly it now appears at the corner of the screen and moreover, it is like a very slim bar now. This makes it a lot better as the old volume indicator would just cover up the whole content in the screen. Now we can focus on Netflix more while adjusting the volume.

Sign in with Apple

Sign in with Apple

Apple is adding a new feature with iOS 13 called ‘Sign in with Apple’. This will available in apps and like you use Facebook or Google account to sign into apps you can do it with your Apple ID. However, the best part of it is that your email id will be completely anonymous to the app developers. Apple will create random email ids for each login and they will not be pointing to your original email address keeping it safe.

Apple App Updates in iOS 13

  • Mail: Gets rich new fonts, an option to mute threads.
  • Notes: A new gallery view, support for shared folders.
  • Reminders: You can add details for when and where to remind you of an item. Message integration lets you tag a person in a reminder, and the reminders app will show up the next time you’re messaging that contact.
  • Camera: Portrait Mode gains new lighting effects and the ability to control the intensity as well as lighting direction.
  • Maps: Apple Maps has a new look, with more details for things like roads, buildings, and even beaches. Expanded Favorites support, and a built-in option to share your ETA with a contact.
  • CarPlay: An entirely new design, with more information on the main screen as well as “Hey, Siri” support.

Other improvements in iOS 13

  • Add attachments to events in Calendar.
  • Time-synced lyrics for Apple Music.
  • Support for 3D AR apps like Minecraft Earth, coming to iOS 13 this summer.
  • Face ID unlocking is now 30 percent faster.
  • Apps launch 2x faster.
  • Downloads are 50% smaller and updates are 60% smaller.
  • Low-data mode
  • 38 new language keyboards
  • Language selection per app
  • Siri gets a new voice update which makes it sound more natural.

So these were some of the most interesting features which we are going to see with iOS 13. However, there’s always some more features coming later with the new iPhone release in September. There are also some hidden features which we don’t know yet. So, I believe this is not everything.

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