Recently, we have received a lot of information about the soon to be launched Android Q at Google IO 2019. More information to it has been released prior to the release date of the operating system.

As per the reports and information sources, the all-new Android Q will not be released until August 2019. However, if you still cannot stop yourself from exploring some of its features, then you can install Android Q beta 4 and enjoy some of its features such as dark mode and bug fixes.

Today, in this blog by Techhundred, we will inform our readers about all the information of beta 4 release collection of Android Q APIs and official SDK before the actual launch of Android new updates in August.

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Almost every person reading this blog must be aware of the most-awaited wide-dark mode, which will prove to be one of the biggest shifts from Android Pie. Another thing, which people are eagerly waiting for is Android 10 Q to be launched on non-pixel phones. However, people are assuming that all the new and latest Android updates will be first available Goggle’s first-party handsets as compared to the other devices.

dark theme of android q

Most common FAQs about Android Q

1. What is Android Q exactly?

It is the new and next updated version of Android.

2. From where can a person get Android Q beta?

One can have the glimpse of Android Q by downloading Android Q beta 3 immediately.

3. What is the date, on which new version of Android will be launched fully?

The full new version of Android will be launched in August 2019.

4. What is the cost of  new update of Android ?

It is rumored to be a free updates like the previous Android updates.

android q icon

What is new in Android Q?

It has been all possible through the beta version of Google’s mobile operating system, that people can have a fair idea about the features of New Android update. Previously as well, many additional features and other big fixes were launched within beta 3. Hence, the same is expected from Android Q beta 4.

By the latest news and information given by our sources, some of the features have been confirmed, while other are still in doubt. However, the releasing date for the same is scheduled in the upcoming month of August.

Below-mentioned are some of the all-new features of Android Q:

  1. 1. Android Beam will not be supported by latest version of Android.
  2. Closing privacy loopholes.
  3. Foldable Support.
  4. New Android bubbles’ multitasking.
  5. Dark-theme, the system-wise dark mode.
  6. Latest Android features for privacy.
  7. Introduction of 5G network.
  8. More improved updates for security.
  9. Developing tools for various applications.
  10. Added permissions to preserve the privacy of the mobile

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