OnePlus 6T


Users are facing new issue in the newly released OnePlus 6T mobile phone of rapid battery drainage. Many OnePlus 6T users have reported to the official OnePlus forum about the faster drainage of battery than normal batteries. Surely it is not a huge issue but it is affecting the market for the device. The battery gets draining rapidly after 80 % and gets exhausted in 6-7 hours. The official OnePlus forum is yet to resolve or fix the issue. OnePlus has previously been on the top of the market and it is expected that this issue will also be resolved soon.

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OnePlus 6T

OnePlus 6T mobile phone recently released in October 2018 which was being on the top of the mobile phones currently released in the world, that suddenly OnePlus 6T users reported an issue regarding to the rapid battery drainage. It is the mobile phone running on OxygenOS 9 based on Andriod 9.0 Pie.

One of the OnePlus 6T user added a review that as the battery power reaches to 80% it starts draining rapidly, he tried to check alot why it is happening so but was unable to get the problem.There is bug in the system which is decreasing the battery life of the mobile phone.

 After this review many users commented on the post that even they are also suffering through the same problem. It is not in the case of all OnePlus 6T users but yes, some are facing the drainage issue according to the reviews.

OnePlus has always been on the top for serving the top most software updates in the market. OnePlus has recently released the most awaited mobile phone One Plus 6T. And it is expected that this problem in the latest device will also be resolved very soon. And OnePlus will maintain its standard on the top as always.

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