Summary: The leaked images of OnePlus 6T have quite emerged as an hype more than ever. The images allege from China and the design is almost ditto as the manufacturers sketch it. But quite probably not exactly. There are a few minute details unnoticed if it is the official OnePlus 6T phone. The phone in the image looks very much like OnePlus 6T with the iconic OnePlus Fiery red wallpaper and the on screen fingerprint sensor. But why is it not the OnePlus 6T? Keep reading for the OnePlus 6T price, leaks, and gossips.

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The much-hype-phone, OnePlus 6T is a slightly more advanced-variant of the OnePlus 6 but also comes with face unlock and fingerprint sensor on the screen. It looks like the new phone’s dubious images are already on the Slashleaks from China, which has a history of fairly accurate leaks. The images have most of the time, later on, prove to be the right. However, according to Slashleaks, the photos had been initiated at Weibo.

What’s in those real-world photos?

The real-world photos that are surfacing online showcase a waterdrop-like notch along the round corners and also the in-display fingerprint scanner at the bottom of the screen. Most rumours by the images speculate that the device will come with the face unlock feature which is also present in the recent models of OnePlus phones.

As there are not many visible angles by the leaked photos, all we know is the OnePlus 6T is covered in a silicon case. The mobile phone if not the OnePlus 6T, has the exact same dimensions as mentioned by the manufacturers. The phone in the images has the iconic OnePlus 6T Fiery red “Never Settle” wallpaper.

OnePlus 6T fake leaked images strip

What could be the problem with authenticity?

But there are also a few details in the phone such as; the cover has a cut out of the audio jack and a micro-USB that makes us suspicious about the authenticity of these photos. Why so? Because OnePlus 6T confirms that is removing the legacy jack from the upcoming devices to make space for extra efficient battery back up and productivity. We can also agree that the cover can be deceptive. Since the cover cases for OnePlus 6T are still not out in the market so it could be just the cover with the cut-out.

Another suspicious thing is the waterdrop-like notch. Say it or not, the waterdrop trademark by OnePlus and the Teardrop trademark by Oppo are almost identical. Also, a user commented on the website that the leaked photos could be Oppo R17 instead of OnePlus 6T. And it is possible that someone must have simply put the OnePlus Wallpaper to pass it off alleged as the new 6T.

The last detail that makes us suspicious about the leak are the icons on the device. The icons in the status bar do not sync with the design philosophy of Oxygen OS. On the other hand, the icons look more or less similar to that of the Vivo devices.

Why is no one from the OnePlus is taking any action against this; no one to put it down or even commenting about it, either? We do not know. Maybe it is a marketing strategy after all. We can simply wait till the release date, i.e. 17th of October.

OnePlus 6T price and specifications:

OnePlus 6T price is officially Rs. 36,999. Besides the OnePlus 6T price, the manufacturers have confirmed shipping a bigger screen, a more efficient battery and a number of other features and tech-loaded in the phone. The OnePlus 6T also features a 6.41-inch full-HD display along with an aspect ratio of 19:5:9.

Talk about the hardware, it will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC with 8GB RAM and an internal storage up to 256 GB.