Today, Techhundred has bought you the list of latest launchers for Android 2019. However, before jumping to the topic in detail, let us have the basic idea of the same.

What are Launchers for Android?

The only reason behind the controlled dominance of Android on the different mobile operating systems is because of the multiple customization opportunities if has to offer the user base.

It can also be said that mobile launchers can be considered to be one of those mobile parts which can be customized easily. The launcher set-up in the mobile is responsible home screen and various set of application son the mobile, therefore all the phones come with an installed launcher. For instance, you will find that Google Pixel Device also comes pre-installed with the Pixel launcher.

Why is it better to use third-party launchers for Android?

As stated earlier, launchers for Android come pre-installed in the mobile devices. However, when a person is using a third-part launcher, it will allow them more opportunities to customizes their phones according to their own specific need.s

10 Best Launchers for Android in 2019

Nova Launcher

When it comes to choose the best launcher for Android, then the name on the top of the list is Nova Launchers and it is available on the Goggle Play Store. This smooth launcher application was introduced three years ago. With this launcher for Android, one can do customization for dock, notification badges and many other gestures. This launcher is available on the Play Store in two version, i.e. free and premium.

Evie Launcher

If you are searching for the fastest Android performance, then Evie Launcher is the best option to opt for. It has been found out by the users of this launcher, that the major factor behind choosing this Evie Launcher is that, it allows the user to chose from various search engines and it also ensures speed and simplicity. The only dis-advantages of this launcher for Android is that, one will not have many gestures in this application. A person One can download Evie Launcher for free from Play Store.

 Buzz Launcher

When it comes to the best ever customizing launcher for Android, then, it is definitely Buzz Launcher. The unique feature of this application is called “Homepack Buzz”. It is a customization for home screen with approximately more than 700,000 uploaded home screens shared by thousands of users. This also comes with an in-built app locker and RAM cleaner. The only disadvantage of Buss Launcher is that, it does not sync well with the icon packs and themes available on the Play Store. You can download this all new Buzz Launcher from Play Store for free.


If you are searching for a type of launcher for Andrid which has multiple themes and icones packs, then Apex Launcher would be the best choice to stick to. It is extremely lightweight launcher and the same can be used to optimize tablets as well as mobile phones.

The user has the liberty to add up-to 9 customizable home screens and can also hide the personal applications in the app drawer. One can also sort the application according to their names and sizes. This launcher for Android is available on the Plat Store as both, free as well as Pro version.

 Niagara Launcher

Are you searching for a solution which can offer you more features with less clutters? Then, Niagara Launcher is the best solution available for you on Play Store for free. One will be able to skip the adds as well which comes along with the application these days.

Smart Launcher 5

The next on our list of best launchers for Android 2019 is Smart Launcher 5. It is considered to be one of the most light weighted launcher for Android which is designed, keeping all the needs of the users in mind. It also comes with the feature of app drawer. Smart Launcher 5 is available on Play Store for free as well as in premium version.

 Microsoft Launcher

The another name for Microsoft Launcher is Arrow Launcher. One of the major reason to choose Microsoft Launcher is because of the fact that it being a Microsoft product can completely sink with the complete Microsoft account. In simple words, a person will be able to get customized feeds and also have access to your search results. Microsoft Launcher is available on Play Store for free.

 ADW Launcher 2

ADW Launcher 2 is a very fast, steady durable and easy option among the other launchers for Android available in the market. People can download ADW Launcher 2 for free from Play Store.

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