Redmi has always been known for its design, value for money, excellent performance and good features. One of the latest mobiles launched by Xiaomi is Redmi K20 Pro.

Pro- beautiful and sleek design along with 48MP camera.

Con- the highlights are blown out by the camera and HDR mode is considered to be very aggressive.

Price- Till date, most of the people used to associate Redmi mobile phones as mid-ranged phones. However, Redmi K20 Pro has changed this conception by coming at a price of INR 27999.

Detailed Review of Redmi K20 Pro

This all-new Redmi K20 Pro has come up with  new flagship features such as water resistance, high refresh rate of the phone’s display and much more. The best new to all the mobile phone lovers is that Redmi is offering a mobile with all the latest and updates features at a very budgeted price of INR 27999.

There are two other Android mobile phones in the market, which are giving fierce competition to Redmi K20 Pro in terms of performance as no other brand can match the budgeted-price range offered by Xiaomi. Those two mobiles are Oppo Reno 10X Zoom and OnePlus 7. However, all these phones are significantly equal when it comes to camera quality and look of the mobile.

The users of Redmi K20 Pro will be impressed by its battery life, display, performance. As mentioned earlier, that despite of 48MP camera, there are still multiple improvements which are needed from Redmi K20 Pro’s camera as it is not much reliable when compared to Oppo Reno 10X Zoom or OnePlus7. However, all the mobiles have come up with some unique features as well.

Let us have a detailed look!

Performance and Battery 

With the launch of Redmi K20 pro, Xiaomi has claimed it to be one of the fastest Smart Phone in the industry because the CPU of the mobile phone is much more optimized when compared to other mobiles in the market. However, the users will not be able to sport any real differences between Redmi K20 Pro and other mobiles running on Snapdragon 855 powered flagships. One of the major motivating readon to choose Redmi K20 Pro is its price at which it is offering so many features and capabilities with good performance. Xiaomi is a brand which is always known and appreciated for using proper resources in its devices and this time as well, it has come up with 8GB RAM.

The gaming capabilities of Redmi K20 Pro have also been tested and it has proved to be an average device for all the game lovers.  The software which is running in Redmi K20 Pro is way different from the one already existing on other Smart Phones of Redmi.

When it comes to the battery back-up of the mobile, it offers 4000mAh battery which can last up to 9 hours and 49 minutes. Hence, it can be said that the battery performance of this mobile phone is quiet commendable. We also studied the battery performance while playing PUBG and Netflix. It was discovered that only 5% battery drained after 15 minutes of playing PUBG and 30 minutes of using Netflix.


The new mobile Redmi K20 pro features a triple rear camera and also a pop shooter of 20MP on the front. There are several phones in the industry offering triple rear camera. However, Redmi K20 Pro is the only one which is also offering flagship chipset along with this. The camera of this Smart Phone also has 8MP telephoto lens with the optical zoom of 2X and all this is combines with 13 MP wide-angle camera.  It has been studies that under the typical day light, the performance of the camera is excellent, but somehow the quality depreciated during the night time despite the dedicated night time mode.

Design and Display

Redmi K20 Pro is known to be the best designed mobile of Xiaomi. Althought the performance and the camera of the mobile is commendable but the first and foremost thing to catch our attention will be its design and display. This mobile comes with the in-display finger print scanner and will be the default mode of UN-locking the phone. The full screen of the mobile stretches to 6.39 inches of display.

Final Words

After reading all the above-mentioned information in detail, if can be inferred that there are certain limitains of the HDR camera setting of the mobiles but that can not cover the other amazing features being offered by Xiaomi at such a reasonable price.