Cellular networks, the deceivingly simple means of staying in touch with family, friends, relatives and that very recent crush! These connections are coherent with our relationships, if they get weak so do our relations, thereby it’s of a great essence to strengthen your signals, and give yourself the luxury of uninterrupted calling.

Top 10 Mobile Phone Signal Boosters that Trap 4G Anywhere and Everywhere!

SolidRF BuildingForce 4G

First one on the list, that stays true to its technical commitment. This is a decent buy for those who spend minutes walking from one room to another, with wide desperation of a decent signal. Using this, there barely would be a need to reschedule calls or face dropped calls. The product supports up to 25 devices simultaneously, boasts compatibility with major carriers, and setting up the hardware is simple.

SureCall Fusion4Home Yagi/Whip

The second force in this niche market, works as advertised. The performance is not much different from the above-mentioned product; however, the price tag stands to be a little too high. Regardless, the kit has strong boosting ability and is a quality product.

weBoost Connect 4G 470103

The device is ideal for large offices and homes, with a range extending to 5000 square feet. It is compatible with major carriers and devices still afresh on the market, while allowing multiple connections at the same time. It also has the reliable automatic gain feature.

Solid RF SOHO 850 MHz/1900 Mhz

This is an affordable, and reliable investment. The brand is reputed and the product unlike the one mentioned below is not limited to AT&T customers only. The device allows multiple connections, but the quality of the signal suffers as more users are accommodated. The range is suitable for a smaller room, about 1200 square foot.

Cisco AT&T Tower Antenna

Cisco is a trusted brand, any product that it puts in the market necessitates a high quality and decent performances. The product is sophisticated, compatible, and lightweight. It is similar in its efficiency as much as a network tower, yet guarantees immediate results. However, it is only compatible with AT&T.

ZB575-a Tri Band AT&T

Amongst several different choices, this one is an exception. For it delivers smooth performance, guaranteeing at least 70 dB network reception gain. It is available for two variants, one for Verizon and other for AT&T customers, and the choice of coverage ranges between 2500 to 5500 square feet. The installation process is a little complex. It is one of the 10 Best mobile phone signal boosters.

SureCall Flare Kit

The product is sleek, modern and appealing to stare at. It blends with the decor and becomes a point of focus. The attractive body design however in no way is an over-compensation for its technical traits, as they stand in complete coherence. The maximum coverage is 2000 square feet.

weBoost Connect 4G-X 471104

Same brand but a different variant, the option is a premium price tag which seems justified considering its performance level. It could easily stand at the top of the list; however, the price tags lower it down to a specific target segment, travellers and homeowners. The product is exceedingly powerful in working in the remotest of the locations. Buy it if you can afford it.

weBoost Home 4G 470101

The second variant of weBoost, the product is budget friendly, it boasts wide compatibility, equipped with an automatic gain and ensures exceptional clarity of voice calls. However adverse weather conditions can affect its performance.

weBoost Drive 470107

The traits of the product are similar to the before mentioned, with a generous added 24-month warranty. It stands at the bottom of the list because it accommodates just one user at a time.