Instant online messaging platforms such as Whatsapp and Telegram have become very popular among people these days. It has now become possible to share pictures, messages, location, do video and voice calls to any part of the world via Whatsapp and Telegram.

However, in recent research conducted by Symantec, it was found out that applications like Whatsapp, Telegram and media files which are saved on the mobiles can easily be hacked. A new security flaw known as Media File Jacking is also rumored to hack data from such applications.

How to protect your Whatsapp data?

It has been declared that information such as photos, videos, invoices, documents, voice memos and much more by hacking the files which are being shared on the platform of instant messaging applications. The hacker can manipulate the data and also edit photos and invoices to scam people.

These days, the most common “Media File Jacking” happens at the little time interval between the time the application has actually received files and when the actual files are stored in the chat interface of the application for the users to see. The time gap caused in this process, give the hackers a golden opportunity to hack or manipulate the data.

If you are thinking that end to end encryption offered by Whatsapp or any other application can save you from this fraud, then you are absolutely wrong because such scams can also occur before the encrypting of the messages on such apps.

The possible solution to protect your data on Whatsapp

The only and most effective solution to deal with this problem of hacking of file is that developers should keep or store the files in the internal storage space and encryption for all the types of media files as the problem of hacking only arises when files are stored in external storage space of the device.

Another solution to this problem has been provided by the all-new Android Q because it can help to stop such hacking. It was in May of 2019, that a case stating that a type of hacking software was allowed to be installed on the mobile because of the Whatsapp flaw with the help of a simple call. The same had also occurred with Telegram in the year 2017.


After reading the above-mentioned details carefully, it can be stated that on one hand the technology and internet is making lives easy for people in different parts of the world and at the same time, it is also creating scope for crime and scam in people’s lives. Therefore, people should always be aware and vigilant while making use of the internet and technology.

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