World Wide Web are the three words that have defined the 21st century in unforeseen, unimaginable ways. The kind of information that our forefathers couldn’t access for years are now available to us at the click of a second, such is the power of the Internet. Internet, simply is a tool that can help you reach out to the knowledge you seek and the knowledge you wish to create. For what you reap from the well of inspiration, so shall you return it back. Under such a glorious time to live, where everything is accessible at your fingertips, it is natural to feel impatient at times. For this Internet is the need of the hour. With the power available online, the best broadband provider is your best bargain to make it or break it in more or less every profession.

Serving a wide range of purposes be it communication, business, commerce, entertainment everything is now finding its adobe in the online spheres. Bengaluru, one of the fast-moving cities of the country is in need of an equally fast internet connection. To make sure your broadband never gives up, it becomes essential to search for a broadband provider that gives you terrific plans and optimum rates, alike. Let’s take a look at some of the fine ones:

Top 5 Broadband Providers in Bengaluru

1. ACT

ACT Fibernet is India’s largest fibre broadband, having more than 13 lakh customers in 14 cities. In Bangalore it has a fairly large presence, with mixed reviews. For 999 you can get 150 MBPS speed, and 1000 GB data. After the consumption of prescribed data, the speed is reduced to 1 MBPS.

2. Tikona

Tikona is the next on our list of top 5 broadband providers. It is one of the most preferred and trusted brands when it comes to internet services. Tikona is not only popular in Bengaluru but other cities as well. The plans are also very reasonable. However, the quality of its services are poor in some cities and good in some places.

3. Airtel

As soon as someone hears Airtel, then he/she automatically trust  the service because of the large customer base formed by Aritel due to its quality and reliable services. Airtel is one of the oldest and most trusted broadband provider in India. These days, there are two additional benefits associated with choosing Airtel internet and those are free Amazon prime subscription and extra internet data.

4. Hathaway

Hathaway is one such broadband provider which is being preferred by many people because of the quality of services it offers to people at affordable price.


Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL)is the oldest and state-operated broadband provider. One of the main reason behind people choosing BSNL is that it also provides a landline connection along with its internet. Last but not the least, the users o BSNL have not reported any default in the network.

Now that you have well understood what this knowledge is capable of, go on and take a step forward towards creating an alternate reality of your own. One unbound, unchained, unrestricted, unhindered by the narrow vision of only a few sets of people. For as long as net neutrality exists, things will continue to stay democratic in the kingdom of internet as they have always been.