Internet, the new bread butter of life. A day can go by without some food, water and shelter but not really without the internet. This is not a bias that is held against the younger generation these days, it is a hardened fact affirmed fairly well by the rising populous on social media. Every day we hear reports of new budding artists shooting videos on their Tik-Toks, becoming overnight short lived sensations. This new era has definitely given each and every economically sufficing citizen an opportunity to grab their fair-share of lime light. Internet is the need of the absolute hour.

The kinds of information available online, make the Internet one of the finest best bargain to make it or simply break it. Serving a wide range of purposes say communication, education, entertainment,business, everything can now be foundupon itsonly neutral adobe, the fantastic online spheres. Kolkata, it is a fast-moving city, a country in need of an equally fast network connection. Make sure your broadband nevergives up, by searching for an internet service provider that gives you terrific plans and optimum rates, alike. Let’s take a look at some of the fine ones:

Top 5 broadband providers in Kolkata


Loyal customers claim having used nothing but alliance. Fairly satisfactory speed and cost. The connection is reliable, with reviews stating quick response in dealing with connection interruptions. The plans range as per the customer’s economic choice.


If we are talking about Airtel, then I assume, it one of the most popular and known broadband providers in the whole wide world. according to the recent studies, it has been found that Airtel has become one of the top-most internet service provider. One of the most attracting feature about this brand is the reliability, it offers to its users. Not only this, the plans offered by Airtel are very cost-effective. There are two plans close to the Rs.1000 mark. For 899 you can get speed up to 40 MBPS, but a restriction of 150 GB. At INR 1099 one can get internet speed up to 100 MBPS, but a limit of 250 GB comes along. There are various other benefits such as bonus/ extra data and Amazon Prime subscription for the year and much more with Airtel broadband. Individual terms may vary from city to city.


Hathway has marked its presence very strongly in Kolkata as it offers the internet speed of 50 MBPS. A person can avail the benefit of free router and their digital television series as well.


Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is India’s state-owned telecom. It offers plans at reasonable prices. Also, BSNL is known to be one of the oldest broadband provider and it gives has fair warranty for its users. At just INR 949 peoplecan get the10 MPBS – 30 GB pack.

Another plan is at INR 950 plan where users get 10 MBPS till 20 GB, after which speed is slowed down to 2 MBPS. The plan also provides you a landline connection as well. When asked about BSNL, all the users recommended the same because of its superior network quality.


This one put out here, not in coherence with the above title, but as a fair warning against the operator. Several reviews state issues with its service and internet quality. It would be better to give the operator a trial before getting into a long-term subscription.


Often amidst such star struck vision, we forget to stay in touch with ourselves. Sure, internet is a crucial part of life, but it can not be a substitute for the life itself. Thereby, at times it is a beautiful experience to disconnect and revel in the thoughts and images constructed not by any external stimuli, but only by the compasses of our imagination. For they are the truest thoughts, that can’t really be replaced. They can only be felt every single moment, every single second, like the truest eternity.