It’s 3 AM in the night. Still fearing to start the work on that one little college project that has consumed your entire life, you make a decision to watch the latest Sacred Games season. It’s the Independence Day, but you aren’t yet independent of your college. You spend an hour, that passes by like a minute. The episode ends but the longing never dies. You watch one episode after another until your internet hangs. You shut down the laptop with a fitful rage, and curse the service provider, knowing quite well that your project won’t be completed on time. Feeling despair that low internal marks would stop you from passing this subject, your degree can now extend well beyond the usual three years. Your college placement of 14 LPA now stands at stake. All because of poor broadband provider.

Internet is the need of the hour. With so much information available online, the Internet is your best bargain to make it or break it. Serving a wide range of purposes be it communication, business, commerce, entertainment everything is now finding its adobe in the online spheres. Mumbai, one of the fast-moving cities of the country is in need of an equally fast internet connection. To make sure your broadband never gives up, it becomes essential to search for an internet service provider that gives you terrific plans and optimum rates, alike. Let’s take a look at some of the fine ones.

Top 5 Broadband Providers in Mumbai

1. 1- On Internet

Available in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai, I-On Internet provides heavy, very heavy speed Internet, as much as 1 GPBS! The plans are affordable, thereby even the decent speeds of 50 & 100 MBPS can be bought for cheaper costs. The downtime of the provider is quite less, thus assuring seamless connectivity.

2. Airtel

Who doesn’t know Airtel? It’s the topmost internet service provider of the nation, with high speed internet facility available in Mumbai as well. The speed reaches up to 100 MBPS, and it has a presence throughout the city. The brand is reliable and has cheap plans if you require a low internet usage.

3. Spectranet

With strong presence in several major cities of the country, it boasts fastest internet speeds extending up to 1 GBPS! The speed clubbed with service are the perfect couple that can keep you connected through the year, ensuring no file remains un-downloaded.

4. Hathaway

Hathaway with its strong presence in Bombay offers speed up to 50 MBPS. Purchasing their plan comes along with an added benefit of a free router. If you are interested, you can also available their Digital TV services.

5. You Broadband

The brand of You Broadband has presence in several cities across the country. Speed available is up to 100 MBPS. Adding to this the service is fine, thus making them an unending competition of the ISP spectrum of Bombay. It is active in almost all areas of the city, and can be relied upon for the fulfilment of internet needs.

Few more days pass by. You get in touch with a new broadband provider and the whole connection is now changed. Once the setup is complete you sit back on your desk to complete the incomplete. Opening your laptop and staring at your computer screen, you restart the browser. Surprisingly the internet no longer hangs. You bless god, and continue to work on the project that should have been completed a week ago. Procrastination that seemed to be an inevitable peace, now is an un-necessary devil. Pressure accumulates, it burns. With efficiency and sleekness of Übermensch, you work for several untired hours and find all the required information on the internet. You complete the project well in time. No unmet deadline, no uncut marks. You pass the exams with an average score. The 14 LPA stands solid. Your ambition now flies high. You accredit your success to your will power. Not watching that series complete was a decision well-made. That’s the power of choice.