Human species is hell bent on constantly tracking their habits and abilities. They require self-discipline to undertake the monstrosities of life. This can be done by virtue of technological innovations that help in certain evaluation means and mechanisms through which a man can keep himself on the line. The line that one must tread, the line shown to all of us by the dictates of our common ideals of what constitutes as fitness. Today, we will list you the best fitness bands.

One such device is the new genii called fitness bands, one that started as nothing and now has become something. How interesting this evolution is, as much as that of us humans. Regardless, these fitness bands hold immense value for the high class citizens whose ambition, motivation and commitment is driven by these little wrist size watches. Showcasing time is now only a compulsion, an understatement of the true abilities of a watch.

Take a look at the top ten fitness bands to track your health status this year:

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

The band has six workout modes that can help you with your fitness ordeals. These include running, treadmill running, cycling, pool swimming, walking, and general exercise mode. The battery life is heavy, 20 days, that’s right.

Fitbit Versa

It has a heart rate monitor, a meter that measures height, four day battery backup, sleep tracking, music player, water resistance (50 meters), color screen, replaceable band, and compatibility with all latest OS’.

Fitbit Charge 3

All the features as stated above, except it has a seven day battery life. That is quite useful if you have OCD and like to track and keep up with the weeks. It is one of the top 10 fitness bands.

Garmin Vivosmart 4

Does the basic work of tracking steps, sleep, calories, several exercises, and your slow heart rate. Nothing new. Basic stuff, but useful stuff.

Samsung Galaxy Fit

Soulmate for fitness freaks. Can track automatically the activities oriented for six different workouts. The app related to it can be used to select from ninety different types of workouts.

Fitbit Inspire HR

It’s downright appealing. It’s compact. Lightweight so much that you barely notice it. The screen is small. Apart from that, does the job fine.

Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch

Little battery life, relatively larger display. Does the job of both a fitness band as well as a fully functional watch. It’s swimproof, and tracks all the stats well. One can buy it just for how it looks, but then of course looks can be deceiving.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Alive

This one’s brutal, it has a 45 hour battery life. It’s quite oriented towards style. Does the remaining jobs of the watch well. But can be burdensome with only 45 hours to live.

Garmin Forerunner


Just the same stuff. Takes fitness seriously having 245 personalised training insights to assist you well in your goals and take away your self-reliance. Fine display. Equipped with incident detection.

Fitbit Inspire

Everything as stated before, minor variations here and there like you have to let go of GPS, heart rate monitor but can get a more detailed sleep data analysis.

These are in essence the fitness bands that help you keep yourself fit. However much things may ease out the whole process of losing/remaining wait for you, at the end of it all, what remains is only sheer willpower, the one that can’t be bought with technology or money, but comes and goes at a person’s own mental sustenance. Sure, take help and survive the race, but don’t rely too much, for all may come and go, but what stays is you and only you yourself, with your sheer willpower.