The PDF file is not eligible of any kind of editing. It keeps the data intact with it. Such files consume very little space on servers. They are quite economic and allow all kind of integration. They provide high level of security and are extremely compatible across multiple platforms. PDFs are generally considered for proper documentation also. In technical, professional or all kind of standard submissions, PDF files are used. Also, saving a file as PDF allows printing it later when required. PDF files are protected files. They create print out with zero error. A PDF file can be saved through many ways. Even with new updates every year, it has become easier with latest versions. But users with older versions still find it tricky to print the file by print to PDF windows 7. In latest versions of windows and other operating systems, print to PDF is a default function. Users need to download a file from Microsoft Office while saving the file through Print options.

PDFs are important documents for almost all the organizations and personal use as well. Once a document is converted in a PDF file, it stays protected for long. Documents with utmost sensitivity are well-saved with PDF files. Print to PDF is available in Windows 10 as in built function. Print to PDF windows 7 option is not there. In such cases, users have to install save as PDF patch from Microsoft website in windows 7. Follow these instructions to save PDF file by different ways:

Save as PDF

If you are working on windows 7, you have to download a patch of “save as PDF” first.

  1. Open the file from Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint which you want to save as PDF.
  2. Click on File menu.
  3. Select the option of “Save as” from the other drop down menus.
  4. Now edit the name of the file and give it distinct name to avoid confusion.
  5. Select the PDF file type from the drop down box.
  6. Click on “Save” option.
  7. Another method is through Print to PDF option.

Print to PDF Windows 7 Option:

Print to PDF is not available as default function windows 7 unlike windows 10. In such case whole process is same. But a patch file needs to be installed.

Follow the following instructions:

  1. Check the formatting and draft of the word file.
  2. Go to Print menu from File menu available top left of the screen.
  3. Check the preview and rearrange it.
  4. Open the installed patch which directs to the print to PDF option.
  5. Select the option of “print to PDF” from the drop down box and click on it.
  6. Without any attached printers, the file gets saved as PDF.