Redefining: Samsung and iPhone!


Samsung and iPhone have been competitors before and now and Samsung has been consistent in introducing its users with sensational features. In the past few months, Samsung has showcased several outstanding and unique concepts. The latest to come in the picture are the Samsung Galaxy fold and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series. Both the devices are stealing the show, the former is the first foldable smartphone in the market and the latter is the fastest device in the market.

Recently, Apple launched its most advanced mobile system that is based on the A13 Bionic Hexa-core processor. As claimed by Apple last month, that its upcoming chipset A13 Bionic will be most advanced and will be fixed with RAM management issues. Since then its capabilities were rumored in the market. These features will increase its power by 20%.

samsung and iPhone

It is obvious for users to increase their level of expectation regarding the performance of every new technology. But something strange happened with the new iPhone 11. It was being tested worldwide by the reviewers, and after several tests, they came to the conclusion that the latest iPhones not faring as well as they are expected to. A real-world speed test was recently rolled out that gave the most shocking results.

This speed test was conducted by a popular Youtuber. It was expected that there is no competition between Samsung and Apple iPhone, but in this case, something different happened. In this case, Apple iPhone Pro Max faced Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus.

Two laps were conducted, the iPhone 11 Pro Max easily beats the Galaxy Note 10 plus in the first lap, where several apps were opened in the same order on both the phones. In this lap, they tested how quickly each phone can perform under severe conditions and the results were obvious, Apple took the lead of almost 10 seconds. In the second lap, the same apps are opened once again in the same order, but this time Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ pulled ahead when it beat the iPhone 11 Pro Max by a huge margin of 16 seconds. The second lap was basically to check the quality of RAM management.

It has happened with Apple earlier also in 2017. When its latest ios 11 was introduced in the market and its performance was also the same. It also had the same RAM management issues. Since then Apple is trying to figure out their problem of RAM Management, but they have not been able to do so. It is evident by its recent speed test also.

Definitely Apple iPhone 11 provides its users with several different and amazing features, but RAM management is a basic and most important feature that should be pretty well. So for now, it is the most basic and earliest test. Everything cannot be based on this test. But it is clear that Samsung is again able to steal the show.