Duet display now for android also.

One of the world’s largest innovator Apple has now enabled Android users with duet display. It is a sensation for Android lovers who love to use the android device but certainly praise Apple for its lag-free performance. Duet Display was first launched in 2014 only for its users. It was the first application that allowed us to create a secondary display with lag-free experience. 

What is the Duet Display?

The technology enables you to turn your Android smartphone or tablet into a secondary display for your Mac Book, PC, or Windows laptop. It can run both ways, through a wired connection as well as a wireless connection.

Why is Duet Display so helpful?

Multitasking and Editing made easy

Using more than one screen at a time is quite helpful for office workers, editors and et al. It can be great for a few reasons. As it can enhance productivity, improve in better multitasking, easier cutting and pasting, simpler image and video editing and many more reasons depending upon the usage.

What are the eligible devices?

The application works on Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Mac, and Windows devices. Whatever platform you choose, there is a high chance that you’ll be able to run Duet. Only one exception and that is Linux.

How to use the application?

One has to pay Rs. 850 or $9.99 for the application.

Android users can download the application Duet Display and Mac or PC companion app from Android Play Store. Further, initiate a wired (USB Type C) or wireless connection. And the app is ready to use. Mac users should be running Mac OS 10.14 or later and Windows users should have Windows 10.

The research team behind the application claims that Duet Display provides Android users with lag-free performance. For we do not exactly know the status of its performance on Android, but the iOS version runs pretty smoothly. For now, this app has only been launched in the USA. India has to wait for its launch. But the sources say that it will be launched in India soon by 2020.