It is time for large-screen phones and foldable phones. Companies like Samsung, Apple and Huawei are in the race of setting new standards with their advanced technologies. Recently Samsung launched its first Foldable smartphone, Huawei is about to launch Huawei Mate X and Apple has launched its iPhone 11 Pro Max. In the wake of such launch events, how can Microsoft stay calm?

On Wednesday, Microsoft announced its first Android device. And it is not just an android based device, it will be the first dual-screen foldable android device. With this device, Microsoft takes a long leap in the race.

In that event, Microsoft announced two devices, one the Microsoft Surface Duo and the second one is Microsoft Surface Neo. Former is a Dual screen foldable device with two separate 5.6-inch screens, and the latter is a foldable dual-screen Windows device with a total of a 13-inch display.

These two devices will be a sensation for technology lovers. Surface Duo is an Android device and is capable of tolerating high-performance pressure. Surface Duo comes with two separate 5.6-inch screen that supports the use of two or more different applications simultaneously. The display looks nearly 4:3 resolution, which is different from common resolution of 16:9. These presumptions suggest that the device is a Laptop-cum-Mobile.

Microsoft’s laptop outside Mobile inside

The latest specification shows that both the devices can be used as a laptop as well as a Mobile also. Where Surface Neo is a larger version of Surface Duo, with inbuilt Windows 10. Due to their design, both the devices are adaptable to be used in different postures. Both the devices do not have an outer screen when folded, it can be a plus point for the Surface users, as it will be more strong and durable than Samsung galaxy fold. Also, Microsoft has partnered with Google to bring out an excellent end product in sphere of Android-based devices.

There can be a few drawbacks, due to its size it might be difficult to handle the device single-handedly. Another major disadvantage could be that the visible tangible hinge between the two screens can be troublesome when used as a phone.

For now, their complete specifications are not available, so not much about them can be said. The launch is set to take place in mid-2020. It seems that till them Microsoft has been able to engage its audiences. But by then, Microsoft will have to amaze the techies around the world by not just the design of the device but also by specifications. As Samsung Galaxy Note 11 and iPhone 12 is set to launch by 2020. Microsoft also needs to keep that in mind. For further updates, one needs to wait until 2020.