In wake of competition, Facebook owned media giant WhatsApp is consistently bring in some new features in its upcoming version. WhatsApp is working on building a feature that will help its users to set a timer for deleting their sent messages. Basically this feature will have a message expiration time.

The feature is coming in the light of recent privacy related issues, it will preserve the privacy of conversations, by allowing messages to be sent but letting the record that remains of them to be removed. Incase of sensitive content, it is a helpful feature to have that can erase all the records of your conversation.

The new feature was traced in the WhatsApp Beta v2.19.275. The new WhatsApp Beta version is now available in the online app market only for registered users. Looking at the previous record of the app, any feature that comes to WhatsApp Beta usually makes its way to the main app as well. The same should happen with WhatsApp ‘Disappearing Messages’ feature as well, however, its timeline is still not known.

According to WABetalinfo, this feature is currently being tested for group chats only, but it can be made available for individual chats also. For now the self-destructing time can be set for only 5 seconds and 1 hour.

It is possible that, when this feature is officially released, it might provide users with several time duration options. What the user just need to do is turn on the feature, set the time duration for a particular chat or message and your message will disappear in the specified time. Opposite from the present “delete from everyone” feature, it won’t leave any text indicating that a message has been deleted from the chat. This will stop some users from copying and forwarding inappropriate content.

Currently this feature has been introduced in Facebook messenger, Telegram and Gmail. Now WhatsApp is also heading towards bringing in sensational features.