Google Pixel 4 duo and Pixel 4 XL to be launched on 15th October. It is less than two weeks for the launch, but still the leaks are coming on and on. It is like a completely new wave of leaks are taking the show. Recently, official marketing videos showcasing the improved Google Assistant interface and the Motion Sense gestures have surfaced online. Not just this, now we can get the look of  the Soli-powered Face Unlock in action, official camera samples of the Pixel 4 with a special emphasis on its improved Night mode feature and “Astrophotography” mode. Moreover, its complete specifications and box contents of Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL has also leaked.

The next-gen Google Assistant

All new Google assistant flies with more colours

A video surfaces online showcases the new interface of the virtual assistant with a new launch animation and less screen pop-up assistant screen on the Pixel 4. This time the assistant is much faster as compared to last year’s Google Pixel 3. The new assistant can read multiple contextual commands such as sending a text message or sharing an image from Google Photos by just asking the assistant via voice commands.

Advance Motion Sensor Gestures

This feature was also leaked via a video that shows a glimpse of the Google Pixel 4 Motion Sense gestures. These new and advanced gestures run on Solid radar system, that allows users to complete tasks like silence an incoming call, snooze alarm, and change a track by just waving their hand above the Pixel 4’s screen. The major feature that could catch the spotlight was the lightning fast Face Unlock feature which is Soli-powered.

Camera: Astrophotography enabled

Comparison of Google pixel 3XL and Google Pixel 4XL

Some Camera samples clicked by the Google Pixel 4 have also surfaced online, thanks to 9to5google. From these photos, it is quite clear that the device’s camera is not less than a DSLR camera. They are crisp and clear in low light also. The portrait shots resembles an impressive bokeh effect. It is also rumoured ‘Astrophotography’ mode that will allow the users to take photos of the Night Sky. It is the first time that any mobile phone will be capable of taking pictures of the Night sky. 

Night sky photography, called as Astrophotography

Google pixel Unboxing

The leaks have not even left the inbox content. Here surprising thing is, unlike any other Google devices, this time there are no Google Pixel earbuds with Google pixel 4 series.

All new Pixel Neural Core chip set

For now, according to a few sources, it is possible that, Google this time might change their processor. Google is been using Pixel Visual Core chip set for their Pixel devices. But this time they might switch to Pixel Neural Core chip set. We do not have the information about the capabilities of this new chip set. But one can trust any Google device. 

This is all that we know about the Google pixel 4 series. For further updates of the device, stay tuned with Tech 100.