In the contemporary scenario, Google is not just a search engine, From Google search engine to Google Maps; from Google eats to Google care. Almost every field is covered by Google here.

Google is like a complete library on Earth and nobody can ever refute it. Every single detail, atom-sized information, appointments, questions, result, historical event (or future), of any subject and temporality can be found there. From the most basic doubts to the most complex ones, you get instant answers just by asking Google. Google now features several distinct applications, for each and every activity, there is an application by Google. So today, let’s find out which are the top five google applications. 

1.# Google chrome

Whether you are using an android or iOS device, you have access to Google Chrome. Although there are several other mobile browsers available like Firefox, Opera and so on but Google Chrome gives you the fastest speed, easy to use because of its simple UI and secure web browsing experience.

It easily connects all your bookmarks, saves all your passwords whether they are on your mobile phone or PC. One can also load thousands of tabs at once without crashing. This is the reason why professionals go with Google Chrome browser over other browsers.

Not only this, but Google Chrome browser also gives you access to the latest trending news articles, quick links to your favorite sites, downloads and also provides you with built-in Google Translator. It is the most advanced system based on a highly tested and advanced AI system. Google also filters and provides you with suggestions on the basis of your previous browsing. 

2.# Google Drive

If you’re a student or a teacher or anyone, you have to deal with a lot of files along with documents. Google Drive is a must for you. It is free to use and also gives you access to your files from any device including mobile or tablet from any part of the world. 

3.# Google Maps

Traveling made easy. With the emergence of Google Maps, skipping traffic is easy, finding a restaurant is easy, calculating distance is easy, identifying location is easy. It is a compact application with facilities related to each and every aspect of your knowledge. 

4.# YouTube

YouTube is available for nearly every country and over f50 different languages. Since it is owned by Google, all you need is a Google account to use the application. It allows users to upload, view, rate, share, save, report, comment on videos, and subscribe to other users also. It offers a wide range of user-generated and corporate media videos. 

5.# Google Keeps

Google Keep is a note-taking app developed by Google and was launched in 2013 to help people online to take notes. It also works offline also. What you can do on Keeps is unimaginable. You make a note on the app, it gives you access to that note from Google Docs also. With Google’s connectivity, things have become very easy, You have access to your file from any part of the world. No worries if there is no internet, it also gives you the feature of offline working. 

Google, with its vast network, has created a parallel virtual world. For further updates stay tuned with Tech 100.