Dark mode for google maps and g-mail: The latest update by Google might provide some users with Dark mode for Gmail and Maps. Google recently rolled out an option of Dark mode for Gmail and Maps for both android and iOS platform. But not everyone will be able to use the latest features. For now the Dark mode is only available for Android 10 and iOS 11+ users. Further updates by Google might bring Dark mode for previous android version also.

According to the spokesperson of Google, “Currently dark mode options are only available for Android 10+ and iOS 11+.”

dark mode for google maps and g-mail: Recently, before releasing the feature officially, Google tested it on Google Maps via its official Android account on Instagram. The video shows Google Maps switching between light mode and dark mode.

“If these OS versions are available for your device we recommend updating in order to use dark mode.” the spokesperson said.

dark mode for google maps and g-mail: Earlier this month, Instagram also released dark mode for it’s Android and iOS versions. WhatsApp, too, is working on the feature which is expected to be released soon.

Few months earlier Google also introduced dark mode for several of its apps like Play Store, Google Keeps and YouTube. And now, Dark mode is also being launched for Google Maps and G Mail.

For now only very few users will be able to use this feature, but no one needs to worry about it, the further updates will enable every Android 10 and iOS 11 and above user with this feature. And not only this, other Android users will also get a chance to use this Dark theme.

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