Conversation with Siri: One of the world’s largest technology develops, Apple recently released the latest version of iOS 13.2 beta. The latest update features some interesting new things and also answers age-old controversy rumors. The major controversies took place back in 2014, some users claimed that the data management and recording of conversations with Siri for human testers to hear and to improve the voice assistant’s reliability.

In August. Apple had promised that it would introduce new controls for its platform that would give users better controls over their Siri recordings. And so they completed their promise by introducing two new controls.

The company has released the second beta version of its mobile operating system, iOS 13.2 beta. They have introduced two sets of controls for restricting Siri recording. One, Delete all the interactions with Siri, one can enable this by opening Siri settings in the App Settings section and then enable or disable this feature. The user also get an option to delete all the interaction with the Apple Dictionary also.

According to a spokesperson of Apple, “Delete Siri & Dictation interactions currently associated with this iPhone from Apple servers. Data that has been sampled to help improve Siri and Dictation is no longer associated with this iPhone and will not be deleted.” This means that Apple will delete all your recordings with Siri except those which are used to improve the quality of Siri programming.

The second, The users can now opt to be out or in with Siri grading program. To enable this feature, one has to go to the Privacy section of its Settings app, and there they can choose to be with or opt-out of Siri grading program.

Now, these controls are important because of these controversies taking place, earlier this year Apple was caught listening to some private conversations with Siri as a part of its grading program to improve Siri responses. After that, Apple immediately suspended its grading program and promised the users to introduce controls that would give users a choice to decide whether to be a part of this program or not.

For now, this feature is only available for iOS 13.2 users. Those who are still running on the lesser versions will have to wait for the updates. Most likely these updates will be available for all the iPhone devices.

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