iPhone SE 2: Back in 2016, iPhone SE came out and also changed the trend by bringing in the all-new design of the iPhone as compared to iPhone 5S. Though the device was discontinued in the next year, since then we’ve been hearing rumors of its successor. And now it seems that it’s finally going to make a comeback. According to, Ming-Chi Kuo the device is expected to be more like iPhone 8 in terms of design and in terms of specification, it may be like iPhone 11. 

iPhone SE 2 Release Date

The predictions by Ming-Chi Kuo, the device is expected to be launched by the first quarter of 2020. Or if not then, it might launch by mid-2020. For now, we haven’t heard about the device much, so we cannot say anything solid about the release date, but there are high chances that it might release by the expected dates. 

Now, let’s see why it might release by Q1 of 2020? As it’s not hidden now, that Apple is losing market share and that is because of the prohibitively high price of most of its devices. And so, bringing the affordable range phone in the market, Apple might be able to save itself from the decline. Also by launching the device around six months after the iPhone 11’s release when the sales are starting to slow down. 

iPhone SE 2 Price

When we talk about the price range of Apple devices, it is always considered to be high. But, nowhere is the charm of Apple to get them back the trust from its customers. Let me put it this way, it will likely be the Apple’s most affordable iPhone.

According to the reports by Ming-Chi Kuo, the price might land around 400 USD (£400, AU$600 and Rs. 30,000 approx.). The price is an expected price, as the original iPhone SE was launched at 399 USD, there might be a price hike in the new upcoming iPhone SE 2.

iPhone SE 2 Design

The iPhone SE 2 might be a replacement to the iPhone 8. As it features its complete design and also it can be named as iPhone 8S. But this is not the only theory streaming in the market, one theory regarding its design also says that the upcoming phone might feature a top-notch on the display with body design of the iPhone 5S. There are a few expected colour options as, Space Gray, Silver, and Red.

So, if at all, the new iPhone SE 2 features the design of the iPhone X, it can be called as iPhone X mini. 

How is Apple able to bring in such a phone in a low budget price range?

There are a few reasons about which, some people are unknown. The new iPhone SE 2 lacks in a 3D Touch on the screen. Another factor can be, that Apple reuses its older components that should allow Apple to comfortably release the phone in the price tag of 400 to 500 USD.

Full Specifications (expected)

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