Samsung galaxy S10 fingerprint recognition failure

Samsung Galaxy security compromised: Recently, news came out that some Samsung Galaxy S10 users were facing an issue with the ultrasonic fingerprint which would allow anonymity unlocking of their devices. Further, the same issue came out to be a flaw in Galaxy S10+ and Note10 series. This led to creating an unaccounted issue that needed immediate attention.

Responding to the issue, the company has now issued a quick warning about a critical fix. Samsung has started pushing an emergency update for its circa 40M Galaxy S10 & Note 10 is users.

What is the issue with compromised Samsung phones?

How Samsung device security is compromised

Samsung Galaxy security compromised: The new Qualcomm in-display fingerprint technology in the S10 and Note10 has always been a challenge for screen protectors. A small gap between the protector and the screen led to some recognition challenges. The flaw allowed any non-registered person to get access to the device by manipulating the in-display ultrasonic fingerprint reader. Anyone with a cheap silicone cover can gain access to the device. Given the fact that nowadays almost every user authenticates everything from unlocking to banking apps. This makes it a very critical issue.

Samsung’s Response

Samsung Galaxy security compromised: To address the issue Samsung has now launched an update to fix the bug and also warned its users, to not use the screen protectors until the bug is fixed and also advised to delete all previous fingerprints and to reset the security settings of the device.

For now, the new security patch is available only for Galaxy Note 10 5G, as the handset has limited availability. This makes distribution easier to do. Further, for Galaxy S10 and Note 10 users, the security patch will be available soon within a few days.

The issue appeared when a UK based user found that a cheap $3 gel cover is able to remove any security from her Galaxy S10. The user took social media to spread the issue forward. The story quickly escalated from there. In response at that time, Samsung asked its users to only use authorized accessories. But the way Samsung is trying to address this issue, by emergency fixes and security updates, illustrates it is much more serious than just a fingerprint recognition failure.

Our team also advises other users who are using in-display fingerprint sensor devices, that Do Not use cheap screen protectors and ensure that all firmware updates are applied in the right away.

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