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Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to technology and machines built to be intelligent and smart enough to react and work like humans. Owing to the ever-evolving technology, AI has now become a major part of our day-to-day lives. From smart camera sensors to automatic parking systems and personal assistance to our shopping experience, everything has been touched by this new technology. Just like other industries, AI has also introduced itself in the education sector and has brought about drastic changes in traditional teaching methods. It has automated numerous laborious and boring administrative tasks and significantly reduced the time and manual labour teachers used to put in tasks like assessing the work done by students and grading their exam papers. Besides assisting teachers, it has also considerably contributed to making the classroom experience much more enjoyable for students. So, let’s discuss how AI makes learning fun for school students.

Image result for artificial intelligence in education• Smart Content
AI has introduced numerous new techniques that can help every student attain academic success. Smart Content technology is one such technique. It is already being widely used in the classroom setting. Smart content also features virtual content such as video lectures and video conferencing which successfully hold the attention of the students. Even textbooks are being customized by technology. Traditional syllabuses are being used to create customized digital textbooks for various subjects and new learning platforms are being set up to assist students of every academic age and grade. Cram101 is an excellent example of this mechanism. It uses AI to modify textbook contents into something more comprehensible. Also, additions like chapter summaries, practical tests and flashcards have made it much easier to navigate. Netex Learning is another great example of such AI interfaces. This enables teachers to create educative information and electronic curriculums across a plethora of devices. It also includes functions like audios, online assistance programmes and illustrative videos.
• Personalization
In a classroom, there is a diverse population of students. It is nearly impossible for a teacher to meet the academic expectations of every student individually. With so many students and not nearly as much time, teachers can only concentrate on the majority without really focussing on any student’s individual needs. However, it is essential that every student can get the same level of access to learning and education. This is where AI systems come in handy. They can very easily adapt to a student’s individual learning needs. Consequently, it can also provide effective instructions based on the student’s relative weaknesses and strengths. This makes the learning experience significantly more meaningful and interesting for the students.

Image result for artificial intelligence in education• Global Learning
AI has successfully managed to eliminate any boundaries where education is concerned. It has facilitated the teaching and learning of a plethora of courses from anywhere around the world. There is a wide range of courses available online with the help of AI, making it immensely easy to learn something without any time or distance limits. Students can learn whatever they want and develop a global perspective from the comfort of their homes.
• Constructive Feedback
AI is capable of finding out discrepancies and drawbacks of course content by assessing the performance of students in the assessments. For instance, if the majority of the students are unable to answer a particular question correctly, AI can analyze the pattern to determine if certain concepts or information is absent from the curriculum of the programme. This can help teachers in improving their teaching methodology or replacing their study material to enhance the students’ learning experience.
These are just a few of many aspects of role AI is playing in making the learning experience better for the students. To know more continue on techhundred.