Phone race: There is always a debate between the users about which global leader in smartphones is better. Is it the Android-based Samsung or the iOS-based iPhone by Apple? What if we tell you that both the brands are leading the charts in ways! Yes, both the brand can call themselves leaders as one has a bigger ‘market share’ and the other has a bigger ‘profit share’.

As per a Forbes report, currently, there are 3.6 Billion active smartphones around the world in use as of June 2018. According to this report, Samsung is leading in terms of device sales and market share with 893 Million active devices that is 27% of the total smartphones in the world.

Samsung- The leader in the Market Share and Sales Race

Phone race: Korean brand Samsung is leading the charts of sales and is, therefore, can be considered the leader of the smartphone industry. The lead of Samsung comes due to the variety of variants that the company offers. If we talk about a country like India, Samsung smartphones start from 15 thousand Rupees to as high as 1.2 Lakh Rupees. The major focus of the brand goes to the budget series for low to medium ranged smartphones.

Chinese brands such as Oppo, Xiaomi, Huawei and Vivo stood 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th respectively due to the same ideology. These manufacturing brands focus on earning little per device and sales. Although they are priced even lower than half of what Apple charges per device, these brands are playing on selling more and capturing the bigger market share. If these Chinese brand’s sales are combined together, then they will be more than one-third of the total devices in the world.

Apple’s iPhone- The leader in the Profit Race

Phone race: Apple as a brand focuses majorly on the premium class for every product. That is why even after selling lesser devices compared to other brands, Apple and its iPhone still leads in the profits with a huge margin than any other brand. iPhone works on simple ideology of selling lesser devices but earning higher amounts from each device that is sold. For instance, the latest iPhone which was launched sometime back is the iPhone 11 series.  The iPhone 11 Pro Max (512 GB) which is the biggest variant is priced at 1.42 Lakh Rupees.

So, it is very right for the brands to call themselves the leaders in the market of smartphones. Where Samsung leads the market share and Apple iPhone wins in the profit-making. To know more continue on techhundred.

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