Televisions have become a part of our lifestyle. I cannot imagine my life without a TV. They are one of the most important sources of indoor entertainment which is available for us. As technology has advanced, TVs have also become more advanced and now comes equipped with different features. Now they are smart enough to understand what one needs to watch at what time. Thanks to AI, the most important tool of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Now let’s talk about the development of Smart TV in 2019.

Nowadays almost all TVs in the market in 2019 have some level of built-in smart features. It’s like impossible to find out a TV that doesn’t have such features in the smart class. Unlike phones or computers, each and every TV manufacturer have their developed their own smart user interface, and there can be major differences between them. This can be considered as the golden year for Smart TV manufacturing, as the year was equipped with some next to the impossible display technology, inbuilt AI management system and many more.

Here we present the list of top 5 Smart TV in 2019, the list is based on a various different dimension that makes a TV a Smart TV.

1. #LG B8: Premium OLED TV With extraordinary Smart Features

smart tv 2019
LG B8 tops the list of best smart tv of 2019

Type: OLED  | Sizes: 55-inch, 65-inch

Just like all the other OLED TVs, LG B8 has a wide range of viewing angles and provides its user with a remarkable picture quality that really shows off when in a dark room. It can deliver perfect blacks thanks to its emissive technology. It has a wide color gamut and decent HDR peak brightness, and when in HDR it’s full of rich colors and bright highlights.

Unfortunately, OLED TVs have the risk of experiencing temporary image retention issues. Like all of the latest expensive LG TVs, this one runs the latest version of LG’s smart platform WebOS. It’s an interface that is very intuitive and easy to use. Allowing users to control devices through their voices. Talking about this in the time of AI, we cannot forget that it also works on the principle of the Internet of Things. 

The interface also gives you access to LG’s Content Store, which is one of the most versatile app stores available with a variety of apps. Overall, the LG B8 is an excellent TV with amazing smart features.

2. #Sony X900F

Sony X900F, world’s most smart tv

Type: LED  | Sizes: 49-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, 85-inch

The device does not have the perfect blacks or the good viewing angles of OLEDs. As mentioned by Forbes, the model deliver great picture quality and an impressive performance in almost every use. It is a bright TV that is capable of fighting glare and also has a low input lag for casual gaming.

Recently this TV has been upgraded to the Android TV Oreo 8.0 that makes the content easily accessible. The interface is easy to navigate, runs well on the TV’s hardware, and gives you access to the Google Play Store where you’ll find almost everything.

3. #Samsung RU8000: Gaming made easy

If you are a gamer buy this gaming smart tv of 2019

Type: LED  | Sizes: 49-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, 82-inch

Basically, TV is great in every sense, but specifically, this is a TV for gaming jargon. However, this is a very nice TV for most uses, with good picture quality. It’s a good choice for watching sports and TV shows and excellent TV for playing video games.

This TV has a smart interface that is based on Samsung’s Tizen OS, this operating system was earlier launched by Samsun for mobiles. The TV provides a very easy to use interface, thanks to Samsung, for proving easy UI. Samsung has also provided the Samsung app store for broadening the user ambit. And if you are a true gamer, then you need to buy this gaming smart TV of 2019

4.# TCL R617: Budget TV With Premium Performance

TCL Series 6 TV

Type: LED  | Sizes: 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch

The TCL 6 Series R617 is a very good TV for most uses that has great smart features and won’t break your heart. It gives its users average performance in all the segments, making it the most durable smart tv of 2019. It doesn’t have the gaming features of the Samsung RU8000 nor cannot be compared to the darkroom performance found on the Sony X900F. The smart device runs the latest version of the Roku OS that’s very easy. The interface gives you access to a number of apps.

5.# TCL 4 Series S425: A cheaper alternative

smart tv 2019
TCL series 4 Budget smart TV 2019

Type: LED  | Sizes: 43-inch, 49-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch

This is a Roku Smart TV that delivers just decent performance in most uses. It doesn’t support any advanced and interesting features like local dimming or motion interpolation, making it a little less versatile. Still, the product makes to the list of best smart tv of 2019. Furthermore, this Tv does not give that much bright performance, so it would be better if you put it in a small room. Overall, it is a budget TV that will keep you happy if the picture quality is not your primary focus.

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