In times when lots of people travel, work in the office, play mobile games. What is the most important concern for them? It is our power-hungry smartphones that need additional juice to keep running without any hurdles. And for this you need a beast that can efficiently charge your devices on the go. Therefore, our team came up with some of the best power banks for iPhone power. 

There are a number of portable charging devices for the iPhone out there. To find the best for one, you should consider specifications such as battery capacity, shape, recharge cycle and other features. So, here we are with a list of 5 best power banks for iPhone.

1# RAVPower Portable Power bank

best power banks for iPhone
RAVPower Portable Power bank that can charge an iPhone 10 times in one go.

RAVPower power bank is something unusual. It has a monstrous 26800mAh battery that can charge an iPhone 10 times. It offers three USB ports that enable you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. All three USB ports are of 5.5A current which is considered good enough to power up your iPhone at a rapid speed.

When you talk about the best power banks for iPhone, you also need to consider some safety features also. And this beast does not let you down in terms of safety and security. This power bank ensures full protection of your device in case of any short circuits. The complete device is made up of high-end material, which makes it very durable and efficient. It’s USP, 26800mAh battery and safety features make it the best power banks for iPhone.

2.# Beswill Solar Power bank 

Beswill solar-powered power bank with an inbuilt heavy flashlight

The brand offers you an eco-friendly solar-powered power bank for iPhone that doesn’t necessarily need a traditional power source to charge itself. You Just need to place it under direct sunlight to charge. There is a separate green pilot lamp that indicates charging status. And five other pilot lamps to indicate its status.

The total battery capacity of the device is 8000mAh that supports fast charging. Another interesting feature is that it can charge three digital devices at the same time with equal speed. Not only this, the device also contains 21 in-built LEDs at the back. 

3.# Bonai Power Bank

Bonai Power Bank with inbuilt flashlight and four simultaneously usable USB ports.

Bonai is one of the best brands when it comes to buying power products. The brand offers you a massive 30000mAh battery that is capable of charging your device for 5 times. Besides this, the brand also thinks about you when you are camping in low light or in dark, thanks to the inbuilt LED light. Interesting it has four USB ports that allows you to charge multiple devices at the same time. The brand has also given some smart features, that protect your iPhone from overcharging, short-circuit and overheating.

4.# Anker PowerCore Portable Charger

best power banks for iPhone
Anker PowerCore portable charger, with smart PowerIQ technology.

Anker PowerCore Portable Charger is enabled with a PowerIQ technology that recognizes your device and delivers the fastest possible charging speed accordingly. Also, a Trickle-Charging feature ensures that your low-powered accessories get a safe and fast charge. It contains two USB ports, that allow you to charge two devices simultaneously.  

5.# Heloideo Power Bank

best power banks for iPhone
Heloideo Power Bank with lightning-fast charging cable.

Heloideo Power Bank comes with a 15000mAh battery capacity. It also has a built-in charger cable and AC (Alternate Current) plug for iPhone. This reduces your job of looking for a separate cable for your device. 

With this device, we end our list of 5 best Power banks for iPhone. For further updates stay tuned with Tech 100