Google Home vs Alexa: Market is flooded with technology right now and you need to be wise to choose the one that suits you the best. The wide range of products from technology giants is surely going to make you crazy to choose the one that actually suits you the best. In the new age voice assistant speakers in the market, Google Home and Amazon Echo lead the way. Smart speakers come with voice assistants that work over your voice commands to ease off your smart device tasks.

While the basic features of both the Smart Speakers are about the same, we have compared both the flagships and listed the features you should consider before buying one.

Google Home vs Alexa

Amazon Echo

The smart speaker from Amazon works on its voice assistant ‘Alexa’. The prices of the Amazon Echo range from 3,999 Rs for the Echo Dot to 9,999 Rs for the Echo. If we compare this smart speaker to Google Home, we found out that the Echo comes with these benefits over Google home.

Audio Quality

The Audio quality of Amazon Echo is comparatively better than Google Home. It is louder, clear and catches command from more distance. This makes the songs and audio more audible and clear. As the main game of the Smart Speaker is through the audio, it is a major advantage to have.

Voice Tone

While the Google Home operates on more of robotic audio, Alexa works on more human-designed audio. This gives it more of a personal touch for the user as it feels you are talking to a human on the other side than a robot. 


The hardware quality of the Amazon Echo looks good and also functions well. The speakers are places all around the speaker compared to the speaker on the top for the Google Home. This gives good sound all around the speaker. Especially in smaller room designs, Amazon Echo fits best.

Calling syllable

One minor difference that people have felt is that the calling command for the Amazon Echo is shorter than Google Home. While Amazon Echo gets activated by saying just ‘Alexa’, Google Home works after saying ‘OK Google’. Calling Alexa is more convenient than OK Google for many users Google Home

Google Home

The Google Home operates on the Google assistance that we see in the android devices. In India, the prices of Google Home range from 3,290 Rs for the Google Home Mini and 7,999 Rs for Google Home. While Amazon Echo leads in a few features, Google Home has other leads.


While the Amazon Echo supports better hardware, the Google Home works better in software. The Google Home works seamless and understands the commands better. Rough accuracy comparison of Google Home is 90% compared to the Amazon Echo of about 70%.


The Amazon Echo processes one voice command good but confuses when given more than one. On the other hand, the Google Home processes multi-commands better than Amazon Echo.

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Google Home vs Alexa