How to Fix Error INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND? Broken Microsoft Edge, Cortana and Store


It has been some time since Microsoft has launched the Windows 10 Creators Update. With Windows 10 Creators Update Microsoft has made useful changes for the productive people. Furthermore, there are also noticeable improvements in Microsoft Edge, Cortana and other Windows features.

However, Windows 10 is notorious for its bugs and security issues. We have found one such issue which has been reported by thousands of people over the internet and there’s no helpful content from any sources. Probably you too are facing the same issue and that’s why you are reading this article.


Well, in short, this is one such critical error which stops many of the Microsoft services from working. In most case, these specific services are Microsoft Edge, Cortana and Windows Store. Moreover, other applications and systems which are dependent on Microsoft’s services also break down. Over the internet, it is visible that other than the above-mentioned services apps such as Netflix for Windows 10, Feedback Hub and Weather apps also suffer from this error. All of these apps shows that there might be an issue with the users Network. However, that’s not true.

What could cause error INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND?

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Till the date of writing the article, there is no official information on what causes the error. Although, I have personally faced the issue myself and I think I have some clues. While thoroughly going through a lot of forums on this topic I found that many users were having this issue due to the cumulative update KB4022725 provided by Microsoft. But in my case, that was not the issue. I have updated to Windows 10 Creators Update a long time and ago and not only that even after installing the KB4022725 update my laptop was running just fine.

If I go back a bit, before when I started facing this issue, it looks like the following. My laptop was having McAfee antivirus pre-installed. However, I was not happy with it and I chose Quick Heal over it. So I uninstalled McAfee and was going to install Quick Heal Total Security. However, before that, my system got infected with some malware. So on the recommendation of a friend I downloaded and installed Malwarebytes to clear the malware. I scanned my system and found a lot of threats. I chose to remove all those infecting files using Malwarebytes and as a normal procedure restarted my PC.

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Upon restarting I found that none of the Microsoft services like Edge, Store or Cortana was working. Searching about this on the Internet I found that most people who were facing this issue after removing malware using Malwarebytes. Apparently, it looks like while cleaning the malware, Malwarebytes removed some important registry file which is used to run these Microsoft services.

Microsoft Store Not Working
Microsoft Store also doesn’t work due to the same problem

How to solve the INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND error?

As of now, there is no update from Microsoft which fixes this issue. Microsoft team recommends to change DNS, Flush DNS and reinstall Cortana but let me tell you none of those work. However, there is nothing to worry as I have found something for you. So without further delay let’s fix this issue for you. Below is the step by step guide which you need to follow.

  1. Download the ‘‘ file in your downloads folder. Click here to download the .zip file.
  2. Right-click on the file and extract everything from the file to the downloads folder. Use 7zip software if required.
  3. After extraction Make sure both FixTcpipACL.ps1 and TcpipAclData.xml are in your downloads folder i.e. C:\Users\”Your User Name”\Downloads.
  4. Now download the getAppsCommand.txt file from here.
  5. Search (Windows + S) for Windows Powershell and run it as administrator.
  6. Use the following command to move your directory to the downloads folder.
    CD C:\Users\Your Username\Downloads
  7. Run the following command.
    set-executionpolicy unrestricted
  8. When prompted choose ‘A’ and hit enter.
  9. Now, run this command.
  10. Finally, restart your computer and ‘Seikōit it’s done!

Many of my friends have also encountered this issue and this has fixed Microsoft services for all of them. I hope it will fix your issue as well. In case, if this doesn’t work let us know in the comments I will try to help my best.

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  1. Great ! The fix .\FixTcpipACL.ps1 Works ! I can get again in the internet from Windows 10 !

    Thank you Soumyajit Ghosh 🙂

    Rome, Italy, Nov 30 2017

  2. Hi Ziv,

    I sorry to hear that it didn’t work for you. Can you please try again and check? For everyone else, this has worked so I guess you are either missing something.


  3. Hello Martha,
    I’m really sorry to hear that the process we mentioned didn’t work for you. However, it has worked in most of the cases. So can you retry once?

  4. Drats… It did not help me. My problem seems to have begun with a VPN installation. I have removed all VPNs and I still have the problem. This occurred several months ago and the first symptom was the select network in the system tray was no longer present. I eventually gave up on the fix and installed another tool to locate and connect to networks.

    However, my problem is more vital now as I have noticed that over these past several months, Windows Update has not been able to run. And now MS Office says that my version is unregistered since it as well can not connect to the Internet. Then I noticed that Edge does not work and probably has not over the past several months.

    Chrome and Fiefox are fine. Things like Spotify are fine. Basically, I am connected to wifi and on the Internet but MS products do not perceive that to be true.

    I have tried so many different setting with my network adpater. The only thing I have not tried is a complete reinstall of windows or an external network card.

    Do you have any recommendations?


  5. Hello Gregory,
    I would recommend you to freshly install Windows as I don’t see any other way. However, be sure to take a backup of your important files as you will lose your files. Hope it will clear the issues you are currently facing.

  6. Hi,
    this problem started for me, edge and internet explorer dont work anymore, i think its because of the latest windows update.
    well i keep getting this error code: INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND
    i looked all over the internet i reset my dns, changed it, i tried soooooooooo many stuff, i also tried ur guide, it doesnt seem to do anything for me.
    what i want to ask is
    i wana save some files i need on a usb and just reset my pc,
    but if i reset my pc will i lose my windows 10 pro? i bought this windows 2 months ago.
    i dont have the installation disc or any installation files for the windows.
    when i reset my pc would it ask me for an installation disk or file? or can i do it without those?