A gamer is well-versed in the drill, in-and-out of the game and the tricks to sustain. However, apart from the strategies, a gamer also need the unrivaled performance through the gadgets. And not just any PC gadgets, it has to be gaming gadgets that will enhance the experience and let them enjoy the thrill and excitement.

It was not long back in the past when we realized that a PC mouse is much more than a rodent with two buttons. Particularly now that the laser and optical mice have taken over the market, demands for the best mouse have hiked more than ever.

Speaking of the gaming gadgets, the gaming mice are expected to implement hypersensitive sensors that are measured in DPI. The higher the DPI, the faster the mouse moves on a screen. On the other hand, the PC mouse could not assist the sensitivity and swiftness provided by gaming mouse. The PC mouse has refined itself in other areas such as Bluetooth, and the processors. When it comes to the gaming mice, ergonomic design, comfortable grip, and touch-based gesture controls are much more needed than just fancy glowing colors.

It could be anything. You might need more a smarter mouse to register erratic hand motions, increased CPI, incredibly fast acceleration or programmable buttons. So here, our search for the nimblest and 7 best gaming mouse under ₹1500. Check it out.

Logitech G102 optical gaming mouse, Priced ₹1309/-

  • DPI mode: 2000 – 6000 (adjustable optical sensor)
  • Polling rate: 1000Hz
  • Ergonomic design for an extensive grip for fingers and the palm

The enhanced sensors, equipped in the mouse triggers the full-potential and makes your shot more accurate and the movements to be extremely agile. It delivers 200-6000 DPI accuracy, tracking speed and consistency, to match every gaming style. With the communication of rate up to 1000 reports per second, the mouse could be clicked over the screen faster than the blink of your eye. For pinpoint accuracy, the crisp consistent clicks and the advanced button tensioning, the keys are effortlessly primed to reduce the force required. It delivers an exceptional click feel, response, and consistency.

Why is it one of the 7 best gaming mouse under ₹1500?

The intelligent illumination, which is also based on your in-game actions, is really cool; having said that, the 16.8 million colors and brightness levels also match your style, system and the environment.

The important aspect other than hardware is the classic construction of the mouse. It is reimagined and optimized to offer inside-out versatility, durability and comfort for expeditious hours, usage as well. The mouse is equipped with 6 programmable buttons to simplify in-game actions.

Easy SMX V18, Priced ₹1529/-

  • 8 level DPI mode: 400-4000
  • Ambidextrous with 4 programmable keys. Similarly, it is operable by both the hands.

Easy SMX is one of the next generations gaming mice that provides the lightning-fast movement capability. With the High efficiency rated optical sensors, it is a true form of instant responsiveness and accuracy.

Why is it one of the 7 best gaming mouse under ₹1500?

Due to high-end IPS precision and sensitivity up to 4000 DPI, the acceleration is perfectly smooth and it performs just fine for various gaming strategies. Although the optimization experience is sluggish, the incredible responsiveness and reliability are for a competition-level performance.

It has a nice finish on the first glance that makes it look like a premium class mouse. Being completely skin-friendly with a smooth surface, it fits naturally under your palm. The grid side features thumb rest at the left, effectively helped in increasing friction and improving the stability.

Dragonwar ELE-G9 Thor BlueTrack, Priced ₹990/-

  • DPI mode: up to 3200
  • 512k In-store memory with macro functions
  • Supple design for professional users with 7 control buttons

Notorious for the professional gaming experience, Dragonwar mice have always proved to be the optimally processed and well-performing in all the aspects. But ELE-G9 turns out to be an exception.

Why is it one of the 7 best gaming mouse under ₹1500?

The price is totally worth it, because, no other mouse offers such great fingers and thump acquisition like this one. Apart from the ergonomic design, the programmable buttons are highly precise. If you also have large hands, it is a huge plus. You can tweak the settings to make this mouse perfect for your programs.

Logitech M330 Silent Plus, Priced ₹1,199/-

  • DPI mode: 1000
  • Interface: 2.4GHz
  • Bluetooth connectivity along with Wired connection
  • Ergonomic right-hand design

MX Master is one of the smoothest and brightest mice of all. It not just looks brilliant but the faster response rate is also highly productive.

Why is it one of the 7 best gaming mouse under ₹1500?

The switches have good key travel, and the feedback is also extreme. As the name suggests, you can see it but you cannot hear it. The preferable soft surface and the ingeniously favorable scroll wheel is also present. The steady slop running through the body gives you a perfect grip for your palm.

The rechargeable battery lasts 24-month battery life. Truly, that is a massive amount of time. Over and above, you can use it while charging too.

Zebronics Alien Pro, Priced ₹999/-

  • DPI: 1000
  • Interface: USB
  • Ergonomic: vertical

The small design of the mouse is accustomed as if you are shaking hands vertically. Since the size is most famous for small hands, it very comfortable and does not make you move your arm more than an inch.

Why is it one of the 7 best gaming mouse under ₹1500?

The customizable DPI here allows the user to accomplish an upper hand with extra precision. Ultimately it is comfortable and fits well in the right hand. The mouse’s accurate optimization executes the deadly precision for lift-offs and cut-offs, smoothly. The higher polling rate and onboard sensors are quite accurate and stable at the higher speeds. Considering the price and the features it offers, it is worth buying.

Logitech G90 optical gaming mouse, Priced ₹765/-

  • DPI mode: up to 2500
  • Response rate: 2ms

This Logitech optical mouse has already gained its fame not just in the gaming sphere, but also the everyday PC usages.

Why is it one of the 7 best gaming mouse under ₹1500?

The newer version of this mouse, the G90 is given an expandable DPI mode up to 2500, making it extremely supple and quick on its toes. Oh! Wait, this small mouse is always quick on its toes. Using the technology called Delta Zero Sensor; the response rate is faster than ever. It is 2 milliseconds.

The design is ambidextrous, to suit both of your hands. You can also customize the buttons through the desktop and play it according to your comfort. Well, considering the price and the features, this is worth being on the list of 7 best gaming mouse under ₹1500.

Havit HV-MS672, Priced ₹590/-

  • 4 customizable DPI settings: 800/1200/1600/2400
  • Programmable 6 buttons for superior productivity and efficiency
  • 7 different LED light colors

Image result for Havit HV-MS672

Havit features an ambient lighting system, all unique in the gaming store. The breathing LED light provides a soothing and calming ambient light of 7 different colors that constantly keeps changing. On the other hand, the smooth scroll highly comprehends the gaming. As far as the exterior is concerned, it fits in all the hands naturally. And the rubber coating gives you an easily acquired comfortable grip.

Why is it one of the 7 best gaming mouse under ₹1500?

Windows 7/8/10 and also MAC OS. effortlessly supports HV.MS672. Hence, you do not need any other additional software or firmware to showcase your full gaming potential. Just plug in and enjoy the full-throttle of gaming wave.

Although the prices might vary a few bucks, the quality will not. But, now you know the 7 best gaming mouse under ₹1500; so acquire all the gaming experience, like a pro.