Facebook-owned WhatsApp has released a WhatsApp beta version of its new emoji set for Android devices. The new WhatsApp emojis are available in latest beta version 2.17.363 for Android users.

If you’re an iOS user, you might find them similar, as the new emoji set looks very similar to Apple’s emoji set.

WhatsApp Beta

Regarding this, It is important to know that for years Whatsapp used Apple’s emoji set not only in its iOS app but also in its Android and Windows versions.

WhatsApp started using Apple’s emoji set back in the day because Android back then had no support for emoji. To make sure the emoji sent by iPhone users would support on Android devices. WhatsApp integrated the entire Apple emoji set within its application.

WhatsApp Beta Notes:

The new set, however, is very similar to Apple’s emoji set with some minor changes here and there.

“At a glance, these could be confused for Apple’s own emojis,” says Jeremy Burge of Emojipedia.

WhatsApp Beta

Only a few small differences give away the update: for instance, the water pistol became orange, the ghost emoji no longer has lopsided eyes and the frying egg is now double-yolked.

These emojis based on a common instruction from Unicode. So it makes sense for them to look similar to reduce lost in translation between devices.

WhatsApp Beta

The new set of emojis is currently available to beta users on Android. We can expect it to take some time to reach all Android users.

Here is the download link for–> WhatsApp 2.17.363 Beta

It’s worth noting that since this is only a beta version, these emojis might change before public release or not even make a public release.

A few days back WhatsApp beta users on Android received granular control to clean up data consuming phone’s storage space.

For those unaware, the feature was around on iPhones since January this year but made it to Android only now. Notably, the feature is yet to make it to regular WhatsApp users.

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