In this era of digital world, the web browser is the most important PC software. We just can’t ignore the fact, can we? Now, as the title suggests we are here to discuss the best browsers. So we are going to compare Firefox Quantum vs Chrome vs Edge, the three big names in the browser category.

If we seek for a fast internet connectivity then why not a fast and reliable browser? That’s why we are going to focus this article on the browser that works seamlessly regardless the Internet connection or PC hardware. We are not considering Internet Explorer but If you still want the built-in option for Windows that would be Edge.

Firefox Quantum vs Chrome vs Edge

Interestingly, Microsoft introduced Edge browser realizing the negligence of Internet Explorer. See, if you recall while we format our Windows after setting up everything, we open Internet Explorer just to download Chrome Setup. Ironically, that is the only time probably we use the Internet Explorer. Now let’s heads over to our comparison section of Firefox Quantum vs Chrome vs Edge where we are gonna find out the best among them. We will divide the comparison into four categories: UI, Browsing Experience and Performance.

Firefox Quantum vs Chrome vs Edge

Google Chrome:

Firstly, let’s talk about the Chrome which comes from Google and probably the most popular among them all. If I am not wrong, the majority of users use Google Chrome as their default browser. As we all know that Google is very punctual about their updates and Chrome is no exception. Recently, Google has released a new version (64.0.3282.119) of Chrome. The Chrome 64 update includes various security fixes to reduce instances of vulnerabilities such as Meltdown and Spectre CPU. In addition, It also offers 53 security fixes with an improved pop-up blocker and site-wide muting option.

Firefox Quantum vs Chrome vs EdgeUser Interface (UI): 

Google Chrome comes with a pretty minimalistic UI nothing fancy at all. Chrome is all about Google, users can sync between browser and Google account and you just need a google account for the seamless experience that chrome provides across the device platforms. In addition, the search is also optimized for the user across the devices. This is the feature that almost every user love about the chrome.

Chrome isn’t quite as simplistic as it once was, but it’s still very easy to use. There isn’t much to Chrome except a huge URL bar: known as the OmniBar with a space for extensions, a bookmarking icon, tabs, and that’s all. It also features the top pages that show up when I launch the browser.

Now coming to the UI customization part, Chrome also features a huge library of extensions. As it is the most popular it features lots of extensions and themes also. Talking about the themes, I am not a big fan of themes in the browser as its just not up to the mark and Chrome is no exception for me.

Firefox Quantum vs Chrome vs Edge

Browsing Experience:

Deep integration with Google’s services just simply enhances the chrome experience more and more. Chrome also has multi-account support if you need it on a family machine, a built-in PDF viewer, built-in Google Translate functionality. Browsing the web with a less promising internet connection could be a pain but most of the times it gets the job done. Sometimes it takes a quite bit long to open specific sites.


In this section, we are going to discuss the impact of Chrome on our PCs. If there’s one complaint user have about Chrome it’s that the browser takes lots of resources. It is worth mentioning that sometimes it just takes ages to launch first time so the launch time is not consistent. In addition, the chrome eats a lot of CPU and RAM and Chrome processes per tab are just annoying. We just can’t close every application for the sake of chrome.

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Firefox Quantum:

In this next iteration of Firefox Quantum vs Chrome vs Edge, we are going to discuss Mozilla’s latest and probably the greatest from the company: Firefox Quantum. It’s by far the biggest update since Mozilla launched Firefox 1.0 in 2004. Firefox Quantum is over twice as fast as Firefox’s Previous generations. Mozilla published the new Firefox on 14th of November and Twitter exploded. Google Chrome was the king back then with almost zero competition and somehow the Quantum makes its way as a challenger of that crown. Firefox Quantum comes with a promise of intuitive design and performance.

Firefox Quantum vs Chrome vs Edge

User Interface (UI):

Firefox Quantum brings a new and updated design with refreshed icons and a new library section that houses your history, pocket reading list, downloads, and synced tabs. In addition, There’s also a handy screenshot tool. The new UI and minimalistic design simply feel better than chrome. From Firefox Quantum’s logo to its intuitive design, it is now a lot more modern. Tabs are squared, animations are glassy-smooth, and all the settings and preferences are right where they should be. Firefox also has a sync feature to see open and recent tabs, browsing history, and bookmarks across all devices.

Quantum features most of the important extensions in its library but it still lacks behind the Chromes’s Extension library. Hope the crisis will be gone gradually with is increasing popularity over chrome. It also supports different themes and you can grab one if you like in their store.

Firefox Quantum vs Chrome vs Edge

Browsing Experience:

All browsers feature Incognito mode but most of them still allow websites to track your activity. But Firefox solved this with by including ad and tracker blockers when using incognito mode. It simply shows that how much they care about users privacy. The new Quantum browser is simply blazing fast while it comes to surfing the web. Sometimes it even opens sites faster than the Chrome which reflects in better browsing experience.


In this Section, things will get little interesting but before that let’s talk about its general performance. I must say the launch time is better than Google Chrome, no matter when you fire it up. Firefox used to take lots of CPU or RAM but not any anymore. Quantum goes easy on your resources unlike chrome it is more efficient in handling processes per tab.

Now coming to the Interesting part, Web browsing depends on 3 things: Internet connection, your computer, and your browser. Now Mozilla knows everything can’t be perfect so with Quantum they try to extract the best out of everything. In order to do so, Firefox Quantum actively taps into the power of your computer’s multi-core processor. It simply aims to tap into those extra cores by putting them to work. Browsers, like Chrome, aren’t coded with that smart feature. This smart resource allocation makes Firefox Quantum as the quickest. In other words, it can take advantage of CPU cores which others simply can’t and with better CPU Quantum can give a more better performance.

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Microsoft Edge:

In the last iteration of Firefox Quantum vs Chrome vs Edge, Its time for the Edge. Microsoft developed Microsoft Edge and included in Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and Xbox One, replacing Internet Explorer as the default web browser on all device classes. According to Microsoft, it is designed to be a lightweight web browser with a layout engine built around web standards. It has new features, including integration with Cortana, annotation tools, and a reading mode.

Firefox Quantum vs Chrome vs Edge

User Interface (UI):

Microsoft Edge features a minimalistic design that matches with the Windows 10 design language. Most noteworthy, it is a significant improvement over internet explorer and without any doubt. Unlike Google Chrome and Quantum, its sync functionality is still restricted to favorites and reading list.

Edge is deeply integrated with Windows 10’s inking capabilities, as well as with OneNote, making it easy to clip a webpage, annotate it, and save it to a notebook. As mentioned earlier, Cortana the digital assistant from Microsoft is also a part of this browser. In this comparison of Firefox Quantum vs Chrome vs Edge, the digital assistant is something unique that Edge features. Cortana can search for information, compare prices or get a quick calculation.

Recently, Microsoft Edge got features like: annotate PDFs and ebooks, easily pin websites to the taskbar, edit URLs in your favorites, browse in full screen, see and manage website permissions, as well as a “read aloud” accessibility feature for web content. However, on the customization part, it lacks quite a bit as there is not much extension available and no themes to play with. But recently Microsoft released some add-ons for Edge and you can surely check them out. Sadly, the Edge browser is only available for Windows 10 users.Firefox Quantum vs Chrome vs Edge

Browsing Experience:

With all above-mentioned UI features, Microsoft tried to enhance the browsing experience and somewhere it does. But while coming to the comparison of Firefox Quantum vs Chrome vs Edge, the Microsoft Edge simply just not as fast as the other two. Microsoft did try to make it better than internet explorer and it became successful but while opening the webpages it just felt slower than the others.


When It comes to performance, Microsoft surely managed to keep the RAM and CPU usage as low as possible. In addition, you can say it is the most power efficient browser out there and it is better than Chrome in resource allocation. If you are curious in the comparison of Firefox Quantum vs Chrome vs Edge, Microsoft Edge managed to hold the Second position while Chrome takes the third place.

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Firefox Quantum vs Chrome vs Edge Conclusion:

This comparison of Firefox Quantum vs Chrome vs Edge is not based on heavy benchmark testing, it is only based on the users perspective. On a day to day usage what a user really seek is a seamless browsing experience and a smooth performance. While Google Chrome is sill remain the king in browsing speed but Quantum is not far behind and Edge remains at the third position. On the other hand, In performance sector, Quantum passed with flying colors.

As in the comparison of Firefox Quantum vs Chrome vs Edge, Firefox Quantum’s resource allocating technique is far more advanced than rest of them. So while coming to the overall performance of Firefox Quantum vs Chrome vs Edge, we would like to give the crown to Firefox Quantum. Most noteworthy, Google Chrome and Quantum is now almost neck to neck in browsing speed and that’s why we choose Quantum as our Winner. Microsoft Edge finishes this versus battle in the third position but we have to admit Microsoft came a long way with Edge.

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