Facebook, Messenger, Twitter Stops Working for Windows Phone 8.1 Users! Here’s How You Can Still Use them!

Twitter, Facebook, Windows Phone 8.1

Summary: You might be having trouble using Facebook, Messenger, Twitter apps on your Windows Phone 8.1. Earlier this year, Twitter announced that it would be stopping support for its  Windows Phone 8.1 apps on June 1, and true to its word, it has done so. Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 users are not able to login to these apps. To use these apps on Windows Phone 8.1 then just Download UC Browser on your phone and navigate to the app’s websites.

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Main article: If you are having trouble using Facebook, Messenger, Twitter apps for Windows Phone 8.1 then it’s not you, it’s them. Users will not be able to login to all these apps and if they are already logged in then they might be logged out automatically. But don’t lose hope coz you can still use Facebook and Twitter on your Windows Phone. Read the complete article to get the Trick.

Earlier this month Twitter reported that Twitter will no longer be functioning on Windows Phone 8.1 devices, and it seems the same issue has spread to Facebook. The users of Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 who attempt to log in either to Facebook or Facebook Messenger find themselves locked out of the app as the firm no longer allows users to log in with those apps.

Also, there is no new development for the apps as the respective companies have been shutting off support for their Windows Phone 8.1 apps, and now they have.

If you still want to use the same apps. Then you are welcome to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile, where Facebook remains semi-actively supported. Barring that, iOS or Android. But its not always possible for everyone to upgrade just to use few apps.

Twitter,Facebook,Windows Phone 8.1

The more annoying thing is that users of those platforms are unable to use the new PWA app for twitter. The new PWA used by current versions of Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, and it doesn’t work properly on Internet Explorer or Edge on older versions of Windows, shuffling you over to the older mobile Twitter website. The users are not being able to send tweets, sending you to an error page instead.

So here we have a trick by which you can still use these apps on Windows 8.1.

How to use Facebook and Twitter on Windows Phone 8.1:

To use Facebook and Twitter apps on Windows Phone 8.1 you will have to use third-party apps. Follow below steps to continue using Facebook and Twitter

  1. Open the Windows Phone Store and search for ‘UC Browser’ or download it directly from this link here.
  2. Download the app from the Store and run it.
  3. Navigate to Facebook.com, this should now work as normal, acting as a proper web-app where the earlier Windows Phone 8.1 app and Website on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer failed.

One thing to note is that You still can’t use Messenger on Windows Phone 8.1 because there is no web version available for Messenger.

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