ADcase Airbag Smartphone Case Can Prevent Accidental Drops


Summary: Philip Frenzel a student at Aalen University has invented Adcase airbag case. This case senses when your device is in free-fall and releases metal prongs to prevent your devices from touching the ground. He got this idea when One day he casually threw his jacket over a chair. His brand new iPhone which was in a pocket just flew out of it and smashed on the ground. 

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Main Article: Smartphones are becoming more and more necessary part of our daily lives. However, we just can’t deny the fact that day by day it is becoming more costly and fragile as well. As nowadays smartphone manufacturers are opting for all glass design for their products, it is raising more concerns about how to protect it. When it comes to the smartphone users there are some users who are very protective about their devices and there are also very clumsy users as well. However, No matter what at some point we can’t really protect our devices from falling accidentally. Which is probably why a German student has invented a smartphone case that could prevent your screen from smashing.Adcase

ADcase Airbag Smartphone Case

Philip Frenzel a 25-year-old engineering student at Aalen University in Germany invented this really amazing case for saving smartphones. ADcase stands for “active damping” case and for this he already received an award from the German Society of Mechatronics. The case has tiny sensors that sense when your device is in free-fall and releases metal prongs.Adcase

Yes, there are no bags of air, the case deploys a set of eight curved feet that are stored flat and under tension. Metal prongs are springy and thus absorb the impact. No matter how you drop it this will prevent your device from touching the ground. The prongs can be popped in back in the case manually afterward. However, the case won’t save your device if you drop it in water.

ADcase said: “We spent a few years inventing and developing this brand-new Active Damping case for smartphones and did a lot of engineering to find out the best combination of reliable technology and modern design.

“In case your smartphone falls down, ADcase instantly recognizes the imminent incident and automatically swings out the active dampers to absorb the shock thereby saving your smartphone.”

According to reports, Frenzel is waiting for the patent approval. The ADcase will first be available only for the iPhones, from the iPhone 6 to the X. After raising enough fund, the company will be offering the case for Android devices as well. Though the price is not yet fixed, during the Kickstarter event the case will be available for 50 €.

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