Battle Royale games are doing pretty good this year and as per reports, in 2019, this type of games can generate more than $20 million in revenue. Money making right? Yes, and developers are investing this money, even more, to constantly create new game modes which will keep the customer base uprising. Talking about Battle Royale games, PUBG has a great gamer base on its side. Both in the case of PC and Mobile PUBG is famous due to its realistic graphics and gameplay. Recently, PUBG has announced a new update for the game which is called PUBG Mobile Update 0.7.0.

What’s new in PUBG Mobile Update 0.7.0?

The last update which is known as the PUBG Mobile update 0.6.0 added the FPP or First Person Perspective to the game. Along with that, there was the addition of new mini-zone, weapon gallery, and improved team voice chat options. Moreover, the game also came with numerous bug fixes which made the game more enjoyable.

There are indeed a lot of changes coming to the PUBG mobile version 0.7.0. The main gameplay will remain the same. However, there will be the addition of new arcade modes, guns, and attachments. Along with that the new PUBG Mobile update 0.7.0 will also fix many present bugs in the game. Overall, the new update will improve the game and the user experience.

So without wasting more time let’s talk straight about the changes that you will be able to see in the new update.

War Mode

The PUBG Mobile Update 0.7.0 will see the inclusion of new War Mode into the game. This new mode will feature a limited time combat experience where players will start the game with a random weapon. After death, the players will be able to respawn (re-jump into the game). The team with maximum points in the limited time will be the winner.

Cleaner Interface

The lobby which currently looks like a mess right now will be cleaner. Just like the PC version of the game new update will make the lobby more neat and clean. Options like, crew, rank, shop etc will now take place at the bottom. There will be much more free space around the character with changes to the current positioning of options.

New Expression Animation System

The addition of Expression Animation System will include facial expressions for the character within a match and in the lobby. The player will be able to use various facial expressions.

Watch Your Friend Play

While a player will be in a match his/her friends will now be able to watch the match. So in case you are waiting for your friends match to end, you can now be able to directly watch him play.

New SLR Precision Shooter Rifle

The new PUBG Mobile Update 0.7.0 will also include a new weapon. The new weapon will be named SLR and it will be using 7.62 bullets. If you are confused about what is a Precision Rifle then let me tell you it will be a DMR type of weapon just like ‘SKS’ and ‘Mini14’ in the game. From our experience of the gameplay, we really liked the new SLR rifle.

New Attachments

Along with new weapon, there will also be new attachments in the game. There will be three new grips which are the light grip, half grip, thumb grip.

New Scopes

One of the biggest changes of the game will be the inclusion of new scopes with the PUBG Mobile Update 0.7.0. There will be an all new 3X scope and a 6X scope just like the PC version of the game. Moreover, the 6X scope can be adjusted to 3X. Earlier there only the 2X, 4X and 8X (rare) scope available in the game but now it will be more fun to try out the 3X and 6X scopes.

No More 8X Scopes in Assault Rifles

To make the game more realistic the developers have decided that the rarely available 8X scopes will not be compatible with Assault Rifles. Well, that means no more 8X kills with M416, M16A4, S12K, AKM etc. The highest scope compatible with these type of weapons will be the 6X scope. To use 8X scope one will need to have Sniper Rifles.

Weight Adjustments

The weight of a fragmented grenade will now be increased from 12 to 18. Which means it will take up more space in your bag. Similarly, the weight of a Molotov Cocktail will decrease from 18 to 16. For smoke grenades, the new weight will be 14 which was 16 before the PUBG Mobile Update 0.7.0. Stun grenades will take even less storage as the weight will decrease from 14 to 12.

Adrenaline Adjustments

the PUBG Mobile Update 0.7.0 will make the drug Adrenaline a rare item. Which means it will be available only in drop crates and a very few locations of the map. Furthermore, the time taken to use the drug will be reduced from 8 seconds to 6 seconds.

Weapon Damage Adjustments

The update will slightly increase the damage of submachine guns, pistols, sniper rifles and precision shooter rifles (except SKS). Moreover, the damage coefficient will increase slightly of submachine guns and shotguns when hit at limbs, hands, and feet. Also, the replacement speed of submachine guns is slightly faster. However, the replacement speed of assault rifles will be slightly slower with the PUBG Mobile Update 0.7.0.

Optimised Spectator Mode

Performance of the spectator mode will be better. The developers of the game have put more efforts to fix bugs in the spectator mode. So after the PUBG Mobile Update, 0.7.0 spectating a teammate will be much more enjoyable. Moreover, the new spectator mode will also show character information and current weapon status.

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Other Changes and Bug Fixes

Along with all these new features and improvements the PUBG Mobile Update 0.7.0 will also add a few small features and bug fixes. In the following lines, we have listed all these small features and bug fixes.

  • New “Jedean Warzone” system. The system ranks regions based on the player’s geographical location. Players can view their own regional rankings in this system.
  •  The PUBG Mobile Update 0.7.0 will solve the problem of frequent flashback in iPhone 6/6S.
  • It will support the assembly of a shotgun beam-receiver in a short tube shotgun.
  • The friend list of a user will now be more optimized. It will prevent the data from performing abnormally due to too many friends on the platform.
  • The report button will now have a history of users who killed the player recently. It will help to report hacks to the developers even after a match is complete.
  • When the amount of fuel in a vehicle will be low the game will prompt the players to refuel in order to continue using the vehicle.

Bug Fixes in PUBG Mobile Update 0.7.0

  • Fixes the bug of the known car terrain.
  • Fixes the bug that the moves the car to accelerate.
  • The update also fixes smoke bombs flying card bug.
  • Repairs the first person mode bug in which a player under the top wall jump fist can see the wall.
  • The update fixes other known bugs as well.

Availability of the PUBG Mobile Update 0.7.0

PUBG Mobile Update 0.7.0

In a notice, the developers of PUBG Mobile has made it clear that the servers will be down for maintenance in between 00:00:00 UTC to 08:00:00 UTC. In India, that means the server maintenance will take place from 05:30 AM hours (IST). Once the server maintenance is complete the PUBG Mobile Update 0.7.0 will roll out to App Store and Play Store. You can also update PUBG Mobile from the links given below.

For iOS users:

[appbox appstore id1330123889]

For Android users:

[appbox googleplay com.tencent.ig&hl=en_IN]