Best of Gamescom 2018: The Best Announcements from Gamescom

The Best of Gamescom 2018: The Best Announcements from Gamescom

Summary: Looking at the gaming paradise, Europe’s biggest trade fair for interactive games and entertainment, the best of Gamescom 2018 was true to its words. From world-class games to path-breaking announcements, the exhibition brought huge declarations, gameplay videos, hands-on previews, and not to forget the story about poop that didn’t really happen. In case you missed it, the rumors were of a man defecating in the line to play the demo game of Fortnite. Well, that is not the only best announcements from Gamescom, so, happy reading. We bring to you, the best of Gamescom 2018.

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We trudged along all the events of Gamescom 2018 and to narrow down your search, we have got you covered with one of the best announcement from Gamescom. Although there were only two major launches besides several reiterated-and-upgraded-games, there were…

Special controllers for special gaming – Xbox One X release date

Starting with the Microsoft and Xbox’s broadcasts, the association launches the novel edition of controllers along with the release dates and the prices. The release dates clashes with the fall’s most well-thought trends and events, offering a bunch of discounts if you buy the system and accompany the game separately.

Forza Horizon 4 Xbox One X is in the pipeline and will be available from Oct 2 for $500. The standard wireless controller comes with a 14-day trial of Xbox Live Gold and a digital version of a racing sim. Similarly, one of the best announcement from Gamescom was that the Shadow of Tomb Raider hits the market on Sept 14, along with 1TB on the same day as controller release.

Battlefield V exclusive content

On the other hand, the Gold Rush Special Edition of Battlefield V Bundle makes its way on Oct 16. There is a ton of changes in appearance as well. The 1TB Xbox one X is unlike gold but black, versus the standard all-black version. Users get an opportunity to hit two targets in one hit. While the console packs a Deluxe edition of Battlefield V, the backward compatible Xbox 360 game and of course a one month pass for both EA Access and Xbox. But the cherry on the cake is, the deluxe edition of the game allows you to access the game before the launch on Oct 18 and grants you to complimentary in-game content.

One of the best of Gamescom 2018, because the hype could not be more true.

New generation gaming cards by NVIDIA

While there was a number of game launches in the best of Gamescom 2018 events, the graphics cards to support the heavy games were also brought to attention. Nvidia has announced the new generation of consumer graphics cards based on the wonderful architecture, ray-tracing, and deep learning capabilities. More importantly, Nvidia has named the three cards as GeForce RTX 2070, GeForce RTX 2080, and the last one, GeForce RTX 2080 Ti.

Now a question might occur, what is so exciting to bring Ti in the same graphics card. Well, Nvidia confirms it as a new architecture like never before and the ability through which gamers can jump straight-up reach the top. Nvidia has always been more than raw specs and has heavily emphasized on ray-tracing capabilities. The Turing architecture powers these new cards. Generall,y the Ti models are unleashed months later the original models. This new chapter in real-time graphics is the biggest jump in the graphics performance since the first CUDA cores.

Borderline, the announcement is way better at the best of Gamescom 2018 than its price.

Find our full coverage about the new graphics cards at here: GeForce RTX 2000 Series Announced by NVIDIA with up to 6 times Better Performance!

Coffee from a PC

To all the coffee lovers and simultaneously gamers out there; you do not need to pause on your game and make a trip to the kitchen to make coffee. Now you can do both.

  • How?

    The first ever liquid brewed computer will be soon available for purchase. This PC comes with an inbuilt coffee maker. It works with the design of transferring heat from the CPU to heat up the coffee. Usually, if there is liquid in the PC, it cools down the processor and RAM whenever necessary. However, Zotac and Caseking think out of the box. They channelized the heat and the liquids to brew coffee and it tastes great.

Such a noble work. Still, you ask for the best announcements from Gamescom 2018?

Hitman 2 – Retroactive

No doubt, Hitman has always dominated alongside the biggest IO interactive games. But this time, Hitman 2 hits the market with new and exciting changes. Changes include, the new weaponry, new ways to hide, improved AI and fixed Bugs, will be into the mission soon.


The nostalgia of replaying the game with all the new elements is immense. The systems-driven sim like Hitman has now changed to giving you new ways to play through levels and approach assassinations in the older missions. Well, the new AI makes a huge difference in the game alone. Nonetheless, the old strategies have become obsolete. Fans already have a huge bonus when they come to know that Hitman 2 is not episodic. It is clearly a clever extension into new dimensions to reiterate new ideas.

HTC Vive wireless adapter

Sliding its way to the gaming tech, HTC gained immense popularity faster than any other company did. This time, HTC presents its own-branded wireless adapter at the best of Gamescom 2018. Vive Pro is a new and upgraded PCI-e card installed into the master PC along with a receiver that talks to a T-shaped adapter. Moreover, the HTC Vive eliminates the hassle of jumbling into a wired library.

Technically, it still needs one cable link for a battery pack and clipping onto a belt, but good as being free to move around without messing up. It’s best of Gamescom 2018, because of the trendsetting design and wireless configuration like never before.

Lego DC Super Villains

Warner also introduced the brand new game as the best of Gamescom 2018. It is called ‘Lego DC Super Villains’. Why is it the best announcement of Gamescom 2018? Well, the elements will certainly awestruck you. This event grossed up to one of the best of Gamescom 2018 due to a few character creations that will start you off in the game with stupendous graphics and never-heard-before story. Playing a villain is chiefly appreciated as a change in the gaming space. It is even more when you get to build your own devious despot to play as throughout. Just like all the other movies in the past, the cast of the characters ensures you a great time. You will come back for more, time and time again. Guess what, the rather odd Calendar Man from the early days of Batman will be available.

To continue the best of Gamescom 2018; much more interesting games including Metro Exodus, Call of Duty, and the Dying Light 2 reincarnated their base with rather newer updates and stunning sequels to the games. Undoubtedly, the Gamescom 2018 was a pleasant surprise and constant admiration of wonderful comebacks. And you should come back for more tech news and best of Gamescom 2018.